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Respect of Human Rights, Personnel Training

 Our employee regulations specify equal opportunity such that employees are not discriminated by their nationality, religion, sex or social position.
 These regulations also specify strict compliance of "prohibition of forced labor", "prohibition of inhumane treatment", "prohibition of child labor", "restriction of dangerous and harmful work" and "restriction of dangerous and harmful work for pregnancies" as stipulated by law. We are further addressing "control of working hours" to prevent overwork.
 We have also formally participated in UN Global Compact proposed by the UN in October, 2011, and put up our original poster in each of our departments including our group companies and overseas distributors in order to comply with the 10 rules.
 We are thoroughly instructing the importance to respect and cooperate with each other for pursuing work through personnel training courses described below.

Personnel Training

«Employee Training»

  • Hierarchy Courses
      Fresh Recruit Follow-up Training
    • Intensive Fresh Recruit Training (April, every year)
      Intensive training for 10 days is provided to fresh recruits to build up basic skill as an employee of Rubycon. Group discussion over hours is included to fully communicate each other.
    • Fresh Recruit Follow-up Training (November, every year)
      Fresh recruit follow-up training is provided 6 months after employment. In the training, each trainee reviews his or her acts in the 6 months to determine the extent of accomplishment of the target set on the employment, and sets a new target for the second year.
    • Young Employee Training (4th or 5th year after employment)
      This training is provided to motivate each young employee to proactively expand his or her work scope beyond his or her duty, so as to grow into mid-level employee.
    • Class 1 Employee Qualification Training (for mid-level employees 7-10 years from employment)
      We have an ability-based grade system, and Class 1 employee corresponds to mid-level employee. This training is aimed to improve awareness of responsibility as mid-level employee, so as to pursue work in wider viewpoint.
    • Beginning Supervisor Training (for beginning chiefs, leaders and managers)
      We provide beginning supervisors with training of knowledge and ability to lead workers, expectations to supervisor, Rubycon personnel system, and points on personnel evaluation.
    • Beginning Management Training (for beginning general managers)
      We provide beginning management with training of role and responsibility of management, goal setting, and communication with staff.
  • Language Courses
      English Course
    • English Course
      (Primary class, Development class)
      We provide primary English course every week to develop global persons with external native speaking instructors.
    • Chinese Course
      (Primary class, application class)
      Chinese employees teach Chinese to other employees once a week, since Chinese market is huge and attractive for us.
  • Correspondence Courses
      Correspondence Courses
    • We update the brochure for correspondence courses every year so as to promote self-development of each employee. We prepare e-learning courses compatible with smart phone and tablet, so as to establish environment for easy learning.
      We have further compulsory courses as a promotion requirement for comprehensive-work employees.
  • Other Professional Courses
    • Mental Healthcare Course
      We believe that physical and mental health of employees is the first step to create dynamic workplace. Then we accept an instructor from Industrial Health Promotion Center Nagano once every few years to hold mental healthcare course.
    • Telephone Manners Course
      Telephone Manners Course We have telephone manner training for personnel with frequent telephone response each year. Such personnel participate in a telephone manners competition.
      6 employees participated in the contest in Ina and Komagane area last year, and demonstrated their performances.

Child-raising and Nursing Care

1. Establishment of Child-raising and Nursing Vacation Regulation
We have "Child-raising and Nursing Vacation Regulation" complying with the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act. Many of our employees use child-raising vacation to return to work.
To support child-raising, employee raising a child up to the first grade of primary school can select working hours 2 hours shorter than regular at most.

2. Establishment of Healthcare Vacation
Healthcare vacation system is our original one to accumulate annual paid holidays not used up to 10days for a year with the retention of 2 years at most. This system helps need of long cure due to accident, injury or disease.

3. Hourly Paid Holiday
We also have an hourly paid holiday system in which an employee can have hourly holiday up to 3 days in a year. It is useful for late attendance or early leaving due to going to a hospital for one's own or a family's sake.

4. Acquisition of Kurumin Mark
KuruminWe have been addressing to the next-generation development support, and approved Kurumin Mark by Nagano Labor Bureau on August 29, 2008 according to the Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation. We have been awarded the second approval in 2015 for the activities conducted between 2011 and 2015.

5. Mothers' Meeting
We gather female employees in child-raising vacation and working raising children, so as to exchange child care information. It is a good opportunity to consult childcare problems.

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Creation of Comfortable Workplace

Safety and Health

Employees are company's resources. We wish them to be health and safe in work and to be happy.
For the purpose, we are pursuing various activities as follows:

Safety and Health Patrol
(Twice a year)
We have company-wide safety and health patrol in the national safety week and the national labor health week, so as to find potential problems and to improve them.
Patrol of Health Representative
KYT Activity
(Once a year)
Hiyari-Hatto Proposal Activity
(Once a year)
Health representative performs weekly patrol of workplaces in a professional view, so as to find and improve problems. Safety and health patrol is made by the members of safety and health committee.
KYT Activity : "Kiken Yochi Training" meaning the foreseeing danger situations training.
Factory Environment Survey
(Twice a year)
Health representative and members of safety and health committee measure illuminance, noise and dust in each factory to improve factory environment.
Plant Environment Survey
(Twice a year)
Plant environment is performed for atmospheric environment, lighting and illuminance to improve plant environment.
VDT Environment Survey
VDT environment survey is performed with questionnaire to all employees to improve working environment.
Risk AssessmentAll employees in the company participated in the risk assessment for workplaces and jobs, so as to address to improvement activity.
Photo 1: Case of improved risk
(Phosphorescent tape that was set up in the stairs for emergency evacuation.)
Safety and Health Patrol
Photo 1
Young Drivers ClubIn the national safety week and the national labor health week, members of Young Drivers Club inspect fastening of seat belt and call for safety driving.
Disaster DrillWe performs company-wide disaster drill in the national labor health week.
In the drill, notification to fire station, exercise of fire extinguisher, exercise of hydrant, exercise of pumper truck by company firefighters, exercise of AED and emergency response are include.
Disaster Drill
Safety and Health EducationWe provide safety and health education to members of safety and health committee as well as fresh recruits, so as to enhance awareness of safety and health through the committee members.

1. Address to Mental Healthcare
As described in the section of professional training, we provide mental healthcare training with external instructors.
We take appropriate actions for persons of mental disorder in cooperation of personnel section, company nurse and company doctor.

2. Health Consultation
Company nurse picks up 3 to 4 persons every month from long-hour workers and employees with findings in medical check, to consult company doctor on monthly visit.

3.Stress Check
Based on the amended Occupational Health and Safety Law, we conducted a stress check at the health checkup opportunity in April 2016. 642 employees took the examination of stress check, and several of them chose to take an interview with industrial doctors. The Health and Safety Committee also reviewed the group analysis results of stress check, and urged the related departments and sections to make improvements in their working circumstances.

4.KYT (Danger Prediction Training) activities
KYT activities are conducted at each section of the company once a year, by having section members think about what kind of dangers exist in the workplace, decide important issues among them to work on, study how to resolve them, and set the goals by when to resolve them.
By doing it, we encourage them to have a habit looking around for searching potential dangers in the workplace.

5.Hiyari-Hatto(Near miss) suggestion activities
Hiyari-Hatto (near miss) is literally "a thing that makes you feel emotion of fear in an unexpected event" by a step before a serious accident.
Heinrich's is one of the empirical rules, and the content is that there are 29 minor accidents and 300 near-miss incidents (hiyari-hatto) exist behind one serious accident. According to such rule, we collect from each section reports about such incidents once a year, and take appropriate measures to eliminate risk of accidents.

Baseball team activities

Baseball team

 Rubycon's soft baseball club, one of the most powerful teams in the prefecture, has been very active although with only 14 members.
 They achived remarkable results in 2016, e.g., they won the best 4 position at 71st Emperor's Cup Nagano Prefecture Tournament, the championship at 71st National Sports Festival Nagano Prefecture Tournament, and the championship at 61st Central Japan Toshi-taiko Baseball Competition Nagano Prefecture Tournamaent.
 We expect that they keep up their best as a representative of the community.

Relation with Labor Union

    1. Labor-management Council
    Labor-management Council  We have labor-management council with labor union of the company, for the common purpose of "development of company and happiness of employees.
     The council is held as necessary at any time to find resolution through discussion, including the regular "Spring Labor-management Negotiation" in every spring,

    2. Bus tours hosted by the Labor Union
    As part of welfare programs, we hold several bus tours a year for employees. Destinations are various, including cultural heritage, factory tour, theme park, etc. Normally about 40 people participate in a tour. By doing one day activity together with people in other departments who are less involved in daily work, it helps revitalize communication beyond the fences between departments. Bus tours Bus tours


Participation in Community and Development

Social Contribution Activities

Acceptance of Internship and factory tour
In the view of social service and youth development, we accept the requests of internship for students of junior high-school, high-school and university, businesspeople and disabled people as mush as possible. Such requests are increasing year after year, and we are going to accept to the utmost extent.

《Track Record of Internship and Factory Tour in 2016》
MarchChildren of employees who are entering Primary School (Tour)111 day
MarchCollege/High School students hosted by Miyada-mura (Tour) 301 day
March2nd-year students in Ina-nishi high school (Internship) 22 day
May2nd-year students in Harutomi junior high school (Internship) 23 days
MayStudents in Nishiminowa junior high school (Internship)33 days
MayIndustry observations by 3rd-year students and teachers (Tour) 421 day
September2nd-year students in Ina Tobu junior high school (Internship) 32 days

・Participation in Clean-up Activity around Tenryu River Area
Tenryu River Environmental Picnic  We are participating in clean-up activities around Tenryu River Area (Tenryu River Environmental Picnic) every year to cooperate with community residents, as a part of Local Beautification Activity. The activities work as parent-child communication, as children of employees participate in them.

・Road Clean-up around Company
Road Clean-up around Company  We perform road clean-up activity around our headquarters in time with monthly company clean-up activity, so as to cooperate with Local Beautification Activity.

・Promotion of local firefighting activities and Japanese Red Cross Service activitiess
 We promote cooperation with and participation in community activities. Local firefighting activities and local Red Cross service activities are especially important for local active disaster prevention and local welfare. We treat absence due to participation in such activities as paid holidays.

・Participation in Ina-matsuri Festival
Ina-matsuri Festival  We participate in Ina-matsuri Festival every year with a dancing team.
The dancing team performs powerful dance in gratitude for the community, in order to encourage the festival.

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Contribution to revitalization of community

・Tonouchi Clock Memorial Museum
Tonouchi Clock Memorial Museum Approximately 250 mechanical clocks mainly from Europe in the 18th to 19th century are exhibited at the Museum, all of which are still counting time. Deceased Mr. Teruo Tonouchi used to wish that people sympathize with the passion for the science of the predecessors and children foster interest in science through complicated mechanical clocks, and wish to give some help to improve regional culture. The museum was built with such his wishes, and it is quietly standing in a grove in which more than 1,000 rhododendrons were planted.
The clock museum that is maintained with the consideration to the preservation of natural environment, and that with the carillon's bell ringing in the forest, is a well-known cultural facility of the area.

・Tonouchi Memorial Park
Tonouchi Memorial Park The park was donated by deceased Mr. Teruo Tonouchi, to the gratitude of his 90 year birthday celebration. In the park, more than 100 cherry trees were planted, of which majority are turmeric cherry trees carried from Yuri-honjo City of Akita Pref., and as well some red peony cherry blossoms and weeping cherry trees.
It has been open to the community and has become a place for relaxation.

・Lending the baseball stadium
Rubycon stadium We have a Rubycon stadium equiped with lighting for night games. While the company baseball team is away from hometown due to expedition or else, the stadium is open to community. It is used by various organizations, including as the venue of the final game of the local junior high school soft baseball tournament.

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