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CSR Procurement Guidelines

  Rubycon Group is working to strengthen Supply Chain Management with a focus on business continuity as well as on sustainable value creation.
  We have established "Rubycon Group Procurement Policy" based on our Management Philosophy, and are working to strengthen compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms while demonstrating our basic policy on procurement both internally and externally through our website. Based on the purpose of this procurement policy, we have formulated "Requests to Suppliers," which includes compliance with laws and such social norms as respect for human rights and exclusion of anti-social forces, prohibition of corruption and bribery, promotion of fair and equitable transactions, and environmental consideration.
  With these two guidelines as the two driving wheels of procurement activities, we are working on building and strengthening relationships based on equitable, fair and transparent transactions with suppliers.

«Rubycon Group Procurement Policy»

1. Compliance with laws and social norms
We will comply with laws and social norms (Respect for human rights such as prohibition of child labor and forced labor, laws, standards, treaties, etc. of various countries including prevention of corruption etc.), and conduct sound and fair corporate activities. Suppliers of materials and services necessary for the production of Rubycon products are also requested to comply with laws and social norms.

2. Green procurement and environmental consideration
In line with the Rubycon Environmental Policy, we established green procurement standards, we continue the environmentally friendly materials procurement activities, and we strive to realize a sustainable human society and sound environment.

3. Promotion of equitable and fair business transactions
We open widely to bothe domestic and international suppliers (including candidates of suppliers), and conduct fair and impartial business transactions in accordance with established policies and procedures.

4. Supplier selection policy
In selecting suppliers, we are committed to make complehensive judgement among the following factors: compliance with laws and social norms, environmental consideration, ensuring stable quality and safety, stable and reliable supply, stable management foundation, superior technical capability, appropriate information protection, respect of other companies' intellectual property, compliance with the designated delivery date, appropriate price, etc.

5. Enhancement of partner relationship with suppliers
We strive to build and maintain trust relationship based on mutual understanding with suppliers.

6. Prohibition of giving and receiving of private benefit
We prohibit employees from receiving inappropriate personal benefits (including entertainment and gifts) from suppliers without exception.

Request to valued Suppliers 

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Green Procurement

  We are purchasing materials, parts and components for Rubycon products from partners who are proactively reducing environmental burdens and addressing to reduce substances in the "Environmentally-controlled Substance List," and observing statutes and social norms of each country. We will continue such activities in the future.

«Control of handling of Banned Substances, Hazardous Substances, and Toxic Substances»

  We have specified our "Banned and Abolished Substance List" for banned and hazardous substances and are continually updating it according to customers' requirements of green procurement including RoHS and REACH regulations.
  We have a check system for RoHS regulated substances in material reception stage through regular XRF analysis for samples and inspection of high-precision analysis data.
  We also have a material tracing system to prevent reception, incorporation and contamination of banned and abolished substances. In the system, a barcode is used to identify all materials under cooperation of suppliers to establish material traceability. We have a database to trace material information within 24 hours to prevent environmental defects from being released.
  Under the Slogan "I shall Protect the Earth", we shall be environmentally conscious and promote our daily efforts to maintain our comfortable environments.

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Substance of concern list "RUB-41"2021.7.12

Reflection of Customers' Green Procurement Standards
Reflection of Customers' Green Procurement Standards

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