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CSR Management in Rubycon

  Rubycon's CSR System to accomplish corporate social responsibility is shown below. Decision-making is performed referring to the vision, the employees motto and the Global Compact, on the basis of the foundation spirit.
  All of these support us to remain a reliable company to stakeholders such as customers, partners, stockholders, employees and the community, and to drive steady CSR activities.


Foundation Spirit

«Company Creed: Let's be the No.1 in Japan in all aspects!»

«Tradition and enterprise, endeavor and study, faith and trust: a phrase of company song»

  Our mission is to contribute to the society through manufacture. The word "all aspects" includes sales, profit and treatment of employees as well as quality.
  The company song says to keep enterprising mind for considering things favorably and to work together for establishing brilliant tradition.
  For the purpose, endeavor and study is essential. Faith is necessary to win trust. A company is built upon management-labor cooperation. A phrase of the company song says to advance with great hope.
  The founder Teruo Tonouchi established the company song in 1961 and the company creed in 1962. The times changed greatly since then. But Rubycon is going to open the way to the future with the mind to value others.

Employees' Motto

«5 Corporate Philosophies»

1. Be honest and faithful in daily living
A person wants to live faithfully without going against one's mind. Do not deceive or fool others for one's own benefit. Do everything honestly, earnestly and faithfully, and you will win trust of others.

2. Work and live properly
We must work to be human and to become happy. If you have a work, you should appreciate it and do your best at your position to accomplish your duty.

3. Be loving in all aspects
You can't understand a person or feel sympathy until you think from the person's standpoint. We should treat everything full of compassion.

4. Self examine today's deeds and be grateful of no regrets
You will be happy if you reflect that you have done your best on a day, and if you appreciate that you have lived a day without regret. It is grateful to satisfactorily reflect on one's work or life on a day from an objective viewpoint.

5. Believe in yourself and believe in hopes
A person isn't above or under oneself. Anyone has his or her original characteristics and abilities. It is valuable who makes full use of one's ability. We should trust our own ability and live in hope. You can accomplish everything with health, right attitude and persevering mind.

The 5 Corporate Philosophies established by the founder Teruo Tonouchi in 1964 are the actual spirit of the company creed. They are mottos for employees in Rubycon as businesspeople. They are unchanging principles for employees in any age.

Rubycon Group Code of Conduct


The purpose of Rubycon Group's Code of Conduct is to define business activities of our employees complying with laws and observing environmental responsibility and corporate ethics under a safe labor environment. It complies with the EICC Code of Conduct.

  • Human Rights and Labor
    • Voluntary labor
      We will employ all workers of their free will, and assure free selection to leave or end their employment. We strictly prohibit human-rights abuse including forced labor, restraint, domination, slavery, human traffic and abduction, and do not reserve identification of any employee.
    • No inhumane treatment
      We prohibit harsh or inhumane treatment, including sexual harassment and sexual, physical or verbal abuse, and physical or mental coercion. We put violators before disciplinary committee and strictly punish.
    • No child labor
      We will not employ children under the minimum age for employment. We will not employ individuals under 18 years old.
    • No discrimination
      We will not discriminate due to race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political orientation, affiliation to union or marital status on recruiting, employment, promotion, reward or training so as to establish equal opportunity and fair treatment.
    • Reasonable wage
      We will observe wage laws stipulating the minimum wage, overwork and legal payment, and pay wages on due dates, but not conduct illegal deduction. We will deliver pay statement to every employee without delay.
    • Working hours
      We will manage working hours, holidays and vacations of every employee to comply with the statutory limit.
    • Right to organize of employees
      We will respect employees' rights to organize, to protest, and to affiliate with labor council as the means to win labor-management council for working environment and wage level, in compliance with relevant statutes. Employees may frankly talk with management regarding their concerns about labor conditions and business practices without threat of reprisal, assault or harassment.
  • Health and Safety
    • Machine Safeguarding
      We will take necessary safety measures for equipment to be used in the company and conduct appropriate maintenance.
    • Workplace safety
      We will evaluate safety risks in workplaces to secure safety through appropriate design, engineering and management means. We will provide employees with safety training and protection as appropriate. We will respond (in good faith) to safety concerns from employees.
    • Workplace sanitation
      We will review workplace environment including harmful chemicals and waste as well as noise, odor and take appropriate measures for control and protection.
    • Occupational injury and illness
      We will review occupational injuries and illnesses, and take appropriate measures.
    • Emergency preparedness
      We will estimate potential injuries and accidents to prepare emergency plan for human safety and communicate it to all employees.
    • Physically demanding work
      We will identify physically demanding works and appropriately administrate them to prevent injury and illness.
    • Facility safety and sanitation
      We will ensure safety and sanitation of facilities for employees (e.g. dormitory, canteen, lavatory)and maintain potable water, air conditioners, and emergency exits.
    • Health of employees
      We will adequately control health of every employee.
  • Environment
    • Product content restrictions
      We will control all of the statutory banned and restricted chemicals in all of our products, while complying with relevant statutes and customer requirements.
    • Chemical materials to be used in production process
      We will control all of the statutory banned and restricted materials in our production processes and comply with relevant statutes and customer requirements.
    • Environmental management system
      We will establish and operate environmental management system.
    • Minimal impact on environment (e.g. waste water, sludge, exhaust gas)
      We will comply with laws and regulations on waste water, sludge, exhaust gas, and improve them with our voluntary standards.
    • Environmental permits and administrative approval
      We will obtain necessary administrative authorization according to laws and regulations, and submit required reports.
    • Effective utilization of resources and energy (3R)
      We will set our original goal to save resources and energy while continuing to strive for effective utilization of them.
    • Reduction of greenhouse gas emission
      We will set our original goal to reduce greenhouse gas emission and final waste, and continually strive for the reduction.
    • Waste reduction
      We will set our original goal to reduce final waste and continually strive for reduction.
    • Disclosure of environmental preservation activities
      We will always disclose the results of our environmental activities.
    • Preservation of biodiversity
      Agreeing to basic rules of biodiversity preservation, we are addressing to preservation of natural environment in our premises.
  • Fair Trade and Ethics
    • No corruption or bribery
      We will maintain sound and normal relations with politicians and administrative officers to prevent bribery and illegal donation.
    • No abuse of dominant bargaining position
      We will keep from abuse of dominant bargaining positions or acts which are disadvantageous to our partners.
    • No improper advantage
      We will not offer or accept improper advantages in relation to customers and the society.
    • No anticompetitive act
      We will not hinder fair and transparent competition.
    • Provision of accurate information on product and service
      We will provide customers with accurate information on our products and services.
    • Respect to intellectual property
      We will respect (but not infringe) intellectual properties of third parties.
    • Appropriate export control
      We will establish appropriate export control system on the technologies and articles covered by laws and regulations.
    • Disclosure of information
      We will not provide false or inaccurate information to customers and the society.
    • Prevention and early detection of irregularity
      We will be aware of laws and regulations as well as social norms and strive for prevention and early detection of irregularities.
    • Prohibition of reprisal
      We will protect confidentiality of accusers including employees and subcontractors.
    • Responsible mineral procurement
      To identify that tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold contained in our products are not funded and/or result of payoff from any armed group that are committing serious human-rights abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries. We will survey origin and circulation route of every mineral through our supply chain, and disclose correct information according to customers' request
  • Quality and Safety
    • Security of product safety
      We are conducting product design according to opinions and requests of customers.
    • Quality management system
      We will establish and operate our quality management system.
  • Information Security
    • Safeguarding for threat to computer network
      We will prepare protective plan for any threat to computer network so as to protect our company and other companies from damage.
    • No leakage of personal information
      We will appropriately administrate and protect personal information on partners, third parties and our employees.
    • No leakage of confidential information of customers and third parties
      We will appropriately administrate and protect confidential information received from partners and third parties.
  • Social Action
    • Contribution to society and community
      We will proactively address activities that contribute to development of the international society and the community.

The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

  In October 2011, Rubycon Corporation expressed the support for the universal principles about Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-corruption upheld by United Nations, and officially joined the UN Global Compact.
  Rubycon Corporation contributes to society thru business activities, by supporting 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.

The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

«Human rights»

Principle 1 : Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed
                     human rights; and
Principle 2 : make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.


Principle 3 : Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition
                     of the right to collective bargaining;
Principle 4 : the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;
Principle 5 : the effective abolition of child labour; and
Principle 6 : the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.


Principle 7 : Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges;
Principle 8 : undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility; and
Principle 9 : encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.


Principle10 : Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion
                     and bribery.

Fair Business Practices

  We are compliant regarding relevant statutes, internal regulations, social norms and ethics, and excluding relations with antisocial forces, so as to promote business activities through fair and good competition and to secure safe and ease of customers in consideration of views and positions of ordinary citizens.


  We are observing all statutes relating to business (labor, environment, public welfare, trade, industry, commerce, national tax and civil affairs), and as well as conducting fair business and transactions.
  On the basis of our internal regulations, we are developing such activities to our group companies through mutual improvement.
  We have published Rubycon Group Code of Conduct conforming to EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition), and are providing it to all employees and group companies.
If any compliance violation is found, we will seek accurate facts to determine the cause followed by strict action to prevent recurrence.

«Internal Audit»

  We have a designated audit department under the president's direct supervision to audit fair and proper performance of internal activities in accordance with relevant statutes, operation policy and internal regulations. The department will further provide advice to improve and correct our business as well as the risks for compliance in organizational activities. This audit covers all organizations in each company group.

«CSR Promotion in Supply Chain»

  In order to provide customers with ease of use of products and to accomplish CSR in human rights, labor and environment for partners, we are addressing to CSR including labor environment of employees in our partners and ecology through our supply chain.

«Risk Management»

  In addition to Risk Management Activities conducted since 2012, we are strengthening internal systems and reviewing relevant internal regulation since inquiries from customers on code of conduct and ethical risk management are increasing.
We will also assess effectiveness of disaster contingency plan as well as reviewing BCP (Business Continuity Plan) for disaster and unexpected contingency.

«Protection of Intellectual Properties (Measures against Counterfeit Products)»

  We are promoting the appropriate intellectual property formation such as acquisition of patent rights and trademark right to contribute to sound development of business activities. We are also working to protect our customers' interests by enhancing brand value through activities of eradication of counterfeit products. Furthermore, we strive to respect and not to interfere intellectual property of other companies, as well as to protect our own intellectual property.

«Protection and Control of Information»

  Misuse of information important to corporate management will have significant impact on relations of trust with partners and their management. We have established security and privacy policies recognizing the importance of information. We give the highest priority in risk management and BCP to our policies. We are protecting and controlling information through education of employees, various security measures and activities.

«Protection of Personal Information»

  Recognizing that the protection of personal information in today's advanced information society is an urgent issue, our company has developed a management system to comply with Japanese Personal Information Protection Act. In the meantime, the European General Information Protection Regulation (GDPR), that has come into effect in May 2018, imposes strict requirements for the transfer the personal information located in Europe outside the region. In response to the requirements of the GDPR, we have implemented various measures. At the same time we have used this opportunity to conduct a general review of our management system with the aim of further enhancement.

CSR Plan in Rubycon

CSR Plan in Rubycon

CSR Promotion System

CSR Promotion System

Relationship with Stakeholders

CSR activities are positioned as the business itself, and awareness of all employees to CSR is raised under instruction of the president.

Each of the conferences and councils is regularly held, and decisions are penetrated into the whole group including divisions and affiliated companies to share problems.

CSR management is promoted, emphasizing interaction with customers, partners, stockholders, employees and the community.

We are securing compliance under the spirit that a corporate is a public institution. We provide proper feedback of requests from stakeholders.

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