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Approach to Occupational Safety and Health

Basic Principle of Occupational Health and Safety / Rubycon Corporation

Rubycon Corporation is convinced that occupational health and safety (OH&S) is fundamental responsibility of the Company borne for stakeholders including organizations, employees and the families, local communities and customers. With a goal of realizing healthy and comfortable workplaces, we are committed to raising employees' wareness of OH&S and to continuously improving OH&S management system to practice OH&S activities.

Policy of Occupational Health and Safety / Rubycon Corporation

  • In order to reduce hazards and risks in our workplaces, on the basis of OH&S Management System, we will perform OH&S evaluation and assessment, investigate required actions and countermeasures and continuously eliminate potential risk factors of OH&S accidents and disasters.
  • We will thoroughly comply with OH&S-related laws and regulations, any agreements we agreed and all Rubycon internal regulations.
  • With objectives of improving OH&S in our workplaces, we will work on eliminating potential risk factors of accidents and disasters and periodically review the results of the activities.
  • We will provide employee education and training on OH&S in such a way for each employee as to think about relationship between his or her own work and OH&S so that each employee can continuously raise his or her awareness of OH&S.
  • We will conduct a periodical review of Basic Principle and Policy of OH&S and the results of the review will be opened to all stakeholders upon request.

January 7, 2019
Koichi Sato
President and C.E.O
Rubycon Corporation

OHSAS18001 Acquisition Information


Obtain date Standards Certificate No. Update Expiration Date
2018.3.19 OHSAS18001 : 2007 ISAOH0088   2021.3.11
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