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Rubycon Products Contributing to Promote DX of the Society through Electronics Technology

   Nowadays, various devices & equipment around us are digitalized and equipped with Information Technologies, and the electronic devices & equipment are indispensable in the present-day Society.
  In the electronics industries, Capacitors are being of necessity, and Rubycon recently contributes to so-called Digital Transformation of the Society through electronics technologies by proposing and supplying Capacitors, our main Products, to various electronic devices & equipment.

«Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors»

  Among Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors have wider operating temperature limits than other types of Capacitors, and have various high performance characteristics such as compact, low ESR, and high-ripple current. This technology enables designing High Efficiency Power Supplies and enables Reduction-in-Number of Capacitors used which was never achieved with conventional types of Capacitors.
  This not only realizes High Efficiency but also contributes to Resource Saving and De-carbonization through Miniaturization and Reduction-in-Number of Capacitors.

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Example of part reduction with conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor

Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitor

«Thin film Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitors, PMLCAP»

  PMLCAP, developed with our proprietary technology, achieves extremely ideal characteristics and contributes to the high performance of electronic devices.
  PMLCAP is a surface-mounted film capacitor that achieves a significant reduction in size compared to conventional film capacitors by adopting a revolutionary technology in which electrodes and dielectrics are formed by vacuum evaporation. Compared with high dielectric constant multilayer ceramic capacitors, which have excellent frequency characteristics and temperature characteristics, they have superior "bias characteristics", "beat sound characteristics", "harmonic distortion ratio", etc.
   Its characteristics were found among developers and adopted for Mars Exploration Rover / Seismograph, which landed in the plains near the equator of Mars in November 2018. Since then, PMLCAP has been contributing as a sensing key part of ultra-sensitive seismograph to exploring the geological activities and internal conditions of Mars.

Thin film Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitors, PMLCAP
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«Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Automotive Application»

  With the development of "C.A.S.E." (*) in the Automotive Industries, Electronic Components installed in Automobiles have been increasing year by year.
(*) = "Connected, Automated, Shared and Electric"
  The Cost % of Electronic Components to the whole Vehicle Cost used to be about 3% in the 1980s, then has being largely increasing in recent years up to 40%, and is still expected to further increase due to replacement by EVs as well as FCVs aiming for De-carbonization. Rubycon has been devotedly promoting development of advanced Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Automotive Applications including Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors (PZ-CAP) through our intensive internal R&D activities.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Automotive
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To ensure Safety of Rubycon Products

  For Safety of Rubycon Products, we conduct thorough checking even from Product Planning stage whether or not we comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and whether or not we don't use any of the environmentally prohibited substances.
  We also do our best efforts to ensure Product Safety by informing detailed precautions to our Customers in our catalogues and delivery specifications.
  In order to ensure Safety of Rubycon Products, we carry out our reliability tests throughout the entire stages of manufacturing including development, purchasing, production and inspection stages.
  We carry out reliability tests at the planning stage of Product Development, for example when designing each process of the entire manufacturing by checking incorrect material-carrying, specification errors, and incorrect settings of production conditions. We carry out also regular spot checks during mass production processes in order to ensure Safety of all series of the Rubycon Products in all of our factories. In addition to all of the above, we also carry out safety verification tests in order to ensure the reliability of the entire processes, and we aim every day to ensure that the Safety and Reliability of all of the Rubycon Products shall never be compromised.
  We shall continue our efforts to ensure Safety by manufacturing and supplying Reliable Products.

Security of Product Safety

In the event of Accidents arising from Quality Issues of our Products, or Defects in any of our Products

  Quality Assurance Center (QA Center) at Rubycon HQs shall be in charge of overall management of receiving complaints from customers regarding accidents, product defects and/or requests for analysis of product defects, as well as of implementing the countermeasures.
  The primary analysis of the actual product is being conducted by QA Center using specialized equipment, and the initially received information is immediately communicated to the manufacturing plant of the Products in question, and the investigation of the history and cause of the problem is initiated.
  Quality Control Department of the relevant factory shall conduct a spillover investigation, formulate countermeasures, and report the results to QA Center, who shall in turn report to the customers on the countermeasures to be taken.
  QA Center conducts internal quality audits in order to confirm the effectiveness of the countermeasures and implement a horizontal deployment in order to prevent its recurrence.
  Under the slogan of "I Guarantee Quality", all Rubycon employees are promoting Quality Improvement with the aim of manufacturing & supplying the Products which shall satisfy all of the customers.

Response to Product Accident and Failure

C0C :Complaint Zero Campaign

  Implemented "C0C (Complaint Zero Campaign)" activities to reduce the released defective Products In order to improve Customer Satisfaction and promote Quality Improvement which leads to Product Safety, we respond all complaints from customers seriously and promote Quality Improvement activities by setting "C0C: Complaint Zero Campaign" as a goal to clarify the responsibilities of the factories which are directly responsible for product manufacturing.
  We started Claim 0 Campaign (C0C) in May, 2012.
  In the result of the 9th year, approximately 80% reduction in the complaint rate (number of complaints/output) has been kept. We are addressing to C0C activities to attain "Claim 0."

Transition of Claim Rate

Improving Customer Satisfaction

  We have the quality policy of "manufacture to win customer satisfaction" that provides customers with relief and trust through 5 pillars of cooperation power, promptness, analyzing ability, quality control ability, small group activities. We are addressing Customer Satisfaction through quality to contribute to the society and the future.
  We conduct customer questionnaire every year including cost, delivery and service as well as quality, so as to improve customer satisfaction.

Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

ISO/IATF audit and internal audit

  We have acquired ISO 9001, IATF16949, ISO14001 and ISO45001 are engaged in production activities based on internal regulations and standards.
  As well as receiving audits by third-party organizations in order to confirm whether the production actvities are conducted firmly in accordance with the standard requirements, we are also promoting interconnection among various sections in the company and working on improvement of mutual levels, by conducting internal audits by the auditor team whose representatives are selected from each division.

ISO9001 and IATF16949 Information

ISO45001 Information

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