CSR/Environmental Activities

Messages from the top of Company

Founding spirit "Tradition and Enterprise," "Effort and Study," and "Faith and Trust"

These words are included in the phrases of our company song.
The word "tradition" can only be used when a company has advanced and become recognized by society. To pass down good traditions, it is necessary to have an "enterprise" spirit in which all employees think positively and take actions. It is also important to "effort" on a daily basis and to "study" with each other. Furthermore, "Trust" can only be created by contacting "faithfully" with customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the local communities in which we operate.
A passage from our company song that conveys these meanings can be called a "Spirit of establishing the company" and I feel it represents Rubycon's corporate culture that has been handed down from generation to generation.
We have been providing products under the spirit over 67 years since the foundation in 1952. Also in the future, we will continue to hold the spirit as our origin, so as to provide reliable and satisfactory products with our experience on technology and quality, and to contribute to creation of affluent society.

Aiming at contribution to better and sustainable society

Social environments in our country are radically changing such as the falling birthrate and the aging population, information-oriented society and globalization.
In this era of rapid environmental change, we value our ties with local communities, and will work diligently and steadily to move forward with local communities, so that each of Rubycon group companies can be proud of in each region.
We are also promoting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities by setting compliance, environmental initiatives,reform of working style, rasing employees' awareness of occupational health & safety, participation in communities,support for the development of the next generation, human rights and labor practices as priority areas.
We will continue to create new value necessary for society, to develop products that make people happier, and to contribute to a sustainable society, so that customers and local communities always talk to us.

We appreciate your continued great support and cooperation to Rubycon Group Companies.

Koichi Sato,
President and C.E.O
Rubycon Corporation

Corporate Philosophy (Foundation Spirit)

Company Creed

Let's be the No.1 in Japan in all aspects!

Employees' Motto

1. Be honest and faithful in daily living

2. Work and live properly

3. Be loving in all aspects

4. Self examine today's deeds and be grateful of no regrets

5. Believe in yourself and believe in hopes

Rubycon Company Song

    Supervised by Teruo Tonouchi (Founder)
    Lyrics by Sen Kinoshita
    Composed by: Yoshihiro Nishimura
    Arranged by: Akira Sakashita

1. Shinano surrounded by many mountains
    Senjo in the east, Komagatake in the west
    covered with virgin snow for thousands years
    tradition and enterprise, Oh! Rubycon
    strive together hand in hand

2. Water going away to the south
    eternal Milky Way in the center of the sky
    washing out rocks without standing still
    efforts and training, Oh! Rubycon
    study together hand in hand

3. Thousands of flowers on the ground
    brilliant Big Dipper in the sky
    swear to Home Town Ina
    faith and trust, Oh! Rubycon
    advance together hand in hand

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