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Introduction of New Radial Al-Electrolytic Capacitors, " ZLJ "

Introduction of New Radial Al-Electrolytic Capacitors, " ZLJ "series with the highest ripple and life capabilities available in the market.

Jun 27, 2008
Rubycon Corporation

Rubycon has developed new ZLJ series of radial type electrolytic capacitors,which achieve higher ripple and long life performance.

ZLJ series As LCD televisions trend towards a flatter profile, the backlight invertor and other related power supplies require slim , low profile and longer life electrolytic capacitors.
In addition, to address Green Initiatives and Energy Conservation, LED lighting has been attracting considerable attention vs. incandescent lighting, which require capacitors with life output of 7,000 to 10,000 Hrs at 105 Deg.C with case diameter 6.3 to 10mm.
Based upon this market trend, ZLJ series has achieved 1.3 times higher ripple current capability with same guaranteed life time as the conventional ZLH series ( 105 Deg.C,smaller, longer life and ultra low impedance) by employing a new longer life type electrolyte and lower density seperator paper.
(The impedance of ZLJ series is equal to the conventional ultra low Z type " ZL" series)

ZLJ series is ideal for applications such as LCD backlight invertor, LED lighting and other power supplies which require higher ripple current and longer life performance.
Samples are available upon request.

SizeΦ5×11L to Φ10×25L
Temperature-40 to +105 Deg.C
Rated Voltage0 to 50V
Capacitance27 to 2,200µF
Life7,000 to 10,000Hrs
Impedance0.024 to 0.48Ω (20 Deg.C 100kHz)
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