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Introduction of New PC-CON Low ESR Series "NSX"

September 12, 2008
Rubycon Corporation

NSX series Rubycon Corporation has announced a new development of a "C" Case Package (6032) under new series "NSX". This series incorporates conductive polymer technology common in the PC-Con™ brand designed and produced by Rubycon Carlit Co.
In conjunction with smaller size and increased functionality of electronics devices such as notebook PCs, home entertainment game machines, flat panel TVs, fueling the need for high speed processing CPU circuitry → Lower ESR and ESL capacitors are required to meet the technology demand.
Furthermore, for DC-DC conversion, high performance/frequency/ripple current characteristics are required and match with the output characteristics that our polymer capacitors deliver.
To satisfy these requirements, Rubycon takes advantage of its advanced materials and product element structure including a new high-capacitance anode foil to create the NSX series in a compact packaging design.
The PC-CON product line-up is currently available in a 7343 (D case package) and now with the introduction of the "NSX" series will expand to 6032 (C case package). To realize the case package miniaturization, mounting space with NSX series with this size will be reduced by up to 40% compared to other "D" case series.

Sample and Production Schedule
    » Sample:                   Available from September 2008
    » Mass Production:   9/2008 approx. 1 million/mo production capacity

Temperature-55 to +105 Deg.C
Rated Voltage2 to 8V
Capacitance47 to 100µF
Impedance12 to 18mΩ (20 Deg.C 100kHz)

For further details, please contact to e-mail ( in your region.

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