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Introduction of New Radial Al-Electrolytic Capacitors, "ZLK"

Introduction of New Radial Al-Electrolytic Capacitors, "ZLK" series with the ultra high ripple capabilities now available in the market.

February 25, 2009
Rubycon Corporation

Rubycon has developed new ZLK series of radial type Al-electrolytic capacitor, which achieves ultra high ripple performance.

ZLK series To meet a trend of compact and thin requirement for electronic devices, Al-electrolytic capacitors are also required high ripple current capability in a limited space.
According to this market trend, ZLK series have achieved higher ripple current capabilities than ZLJ series by employing high reliable electrolyte, high durable Al-foil against ripple current and low resistance paper.
ZLK series is ideal for applications such as backlight inverter which requires higher ripple current, and power supply which currently uses aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor.
As ZLK has performance of maximum 2 times higher ripple current than the conventional ZL series, it enable ZLK to reduce its body by 3 size down under the same ripple current condition so that it will contribute to miniaturization and cost saving for the electronic devices by maintaining the reliability.

The feature of ZLK series covers Φ8X16L to Φ10X25Lmm in size, temperature range of -40 to +105Deg.C, rated voltage 10 to 35V, capacitance 220 to 1,800µF and category ripple current 2,050 to 3,160mA , and will expand its feature further upon requirement.

SizeΦ8×16L to Φ10×25L
Categoty Temperature-40 to +105 Deg.C
Rated Voltage10 to 35V
Capacitance220 to 1,800µF
Life4,000 to 5,000Hrs
Ripple Current2,050 to 3,160 mA (105 Deg.C 100kHz)
Impedance0.024 to 0.059Ω (20 Deg.C 100kHz)
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