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Introduction of New Radial Al-Electrolytic Capacitors, "YXJ" series.

June 22,2010
Rubycon Corporation

Rubycon has just lined up new YXJ Series. It has been developed as the succession series of YXF for secondary filtration in power circuit, aiming at small size, high ripple-resistance, low impedance and long life.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor covers a wider range of capacitance compared with other capacitors, and has a feature of lower price per unit capacitance. Therefor market always demands higher capacitance, lower resistance and longer life to aluminum electrolytic capacitor. YXJ Series is the best solution to such requirements.

YXJ Series, as well as YXF Series, has the lineup from low capacitance to accommodate to wide applications including general circuits such as control circuit for high-reliable instrument, so as to contribute to component standardization.

YXJ seriesThe new series combines a high-reliable electrolyte of low impedance and long life together with high gain foil area and high density sealing materials, all of which have been established through our past developments and experience. This series has smaller size, higher ripple current and lower impedance than the conventional YXF Series. Such features realize downsizing by keeping equivalent capacitance, impedance, ripple current and life.

We are expecting this series to reduce total costs of electronic equipment as well as achieve miniaturization improve volume efficiency and reliability. The YXJ Series further contributes to environment-friendly activities through component standardization and resource reduction.

Main feature
SizeΦ5×11L to Φ16×35.5L
Temperature-40 to +105ºC
Rated Voltage6.3 to 100V.DC
Capacitance0.47 to 15,000µF
Life4,000 to 10,000hrs
Impedance0.015 to 6.0Ω / 20ºC,100kHz
Ripple Current15 to 3,610mA r.m.s. / 105ºC, 100kHz

Mass production is scheduled to start from June. 2010.

"YXJ"series catalog data

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