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The latest effects and situation caused by the Earthquake in the North-east Japan as of Mar. 16.

Dear valuable Customers and Partners,

Let us begin by thanking you for patronizing our products and services.
We want to convey our heartfelt sympathy to the sufferers and the relatives struck by the Earthquake in the North-east Japan.
We are herewith to inform the progress and circumstanc as of today, March, 16th as follow.

  • Akita Rubycon
    As informed before, after the problem by the electricity supply was restored in March 12th evening, the production is now in normal operation from March 13th.
    Although there are some effects on transportation and commute by shortage of fuel, we have arranged special commuting method for employee and secured transportation by ourselves.
    We have not encountered any production problem by electricity restriction by the government and the power plant company.
  • Fukushima Rubycon
    We are in a position to resume its production and we have arranged special commuting method for employee and own transportation by ourselves as same as Akita Rubycon.
    As above, the production facility is restored but by considering the safety of employees and their families , we have stopped the operation in March 15th afternoon and have made limited operation by a part of workers on March 16th.
    Even though the plant location is outside evacuation zone of the nuclear plant, where is located in the same prefecture, we have a plan to resume production from tomorrow, March 17th but dependant upon the situation of the nuclear plant, we are also planning to utilize the factory space to the evacuation area.
    There will be no electricity restriction at this plant
  • Material supply
    We are taking every action to secure stable material supplies , which we deem to be difficult to purchase.
  • Reinforce other production sites
    We are conduction to reinforce the production capacity of Nishikoma plant, Seibu Rubycon, Kiso Rubycon in Nagano prefecture , Akita Rubycon – Daisen plant and Rubycon Indonesia.

Under intricate information release every day, we have made every endeavor to secure the safety of employees and stable supply of our products , while working for the recovery and safety in the disaster-area.
We sincerely appreciate for your full understanding and acceptance to inconvenience caused during this restoration time.

Very truly yours,

Shuichi Katsuyama / President&COO
March 16, 2011

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