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The latest effects and situation caused by the Earthquake in the North-east Japan as of Mar. 17.

Dear valuable Customers and Partners,

Let us begin by thanking you for patronizing our products and services.
We want to convey our heartfelt sympathy to the citizens suffered from the Earthquake in the North-east Japan.
We are herewith to inform the circumstance as of today, March, 17 th as follow.

We have not reported about Rubycon Electronics Co. Ltd. who produces plastic film capacitors because this plant is located in Nagano prefecture (Matsukawa town, Shimo-Ina). However, upon the request, we herewith inform the status as stated below.

  • Rubycon Electronics
    There is no human suffer and no damage to the building and production facilities. With regard to material supply, we have some vendors form the area of the Earthquake but by sourcing alternatives, the production is in normal operation.

Our recovery activities for Alminum electrolytic capacitors have been in progress.

We sincerely appreciate for your understanding,

Very truly yours,

Shuichi Katsuyama / President&COO
March 17, 2011

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