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Posting 3D-DATA of Rubycon products onto “ePartFinder” of Zuken Inc.

Aug 31, 2012
Rubycon Corporation

We are pleased to announce that 3Ddata of Rubycon products are now posted onto Electronic 3D models download site( by Zuken Inc., being ready to be downloaded for free of charge.

Outline of ePartFinder

  • Website with Membership registration.
  • You can download electronic 3D models for free of charge.
  • Multi 3D CAD applied with STEP file format which is the international de facto standard.

Outline of ePartFinder


  • 3D model is posted by Rubycon onto "ePartFinder", and members can search & download 3D models.
  • Members can incorporate the downloaded 3D model into the design CAD software and check the placement of the components when designing the board.
  • The link to Rubycon web catalog file is attached to the downloaded 3D model data, so you can easily browse the catalog of the capacitor you want to review, and check on specifications and other characteristics.
  • The 3D model data is in the format of STEP international standard, that can be taken into many CAD softwares.
Our products 3D data

Our products 3D data

Study on the structure and chassis wiring in 3D

Study on the structure and
chassis wiring in 3D

Study on parts to replace,review height limit

Study on parts to replace,
review height limit

Merit of Users (Mechanism designer, board designer, and circuit designer et al)

  • Completely free of charge.
  • It is available at any planning stage (before you buy).
  • It is available immediately without requesting the data or samples.
  • It is also workable with any mechanical CAD.

Please use this great new service as described above.

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