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High Temperature and Long Life Aluminum electrolytic capacitors “LEX Series”

Aluminum non-solid electrolytic capacitor is more compact, covers up to higher capacitance range, and has less price per capacitance than other capacitors, so that it is widely used in various electronic instruments. For LED lamps, we have already developed LLE Series (maximum operating temperature: 105°C) that realizes the longest life in the industry, and brought it to the market in 2011. It was because life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor has critical impact on the expected life of electronic instruments. Bulb type LED lamp has recently been downsized and its luminance has been increased, so that the environment within the lamp has been getting severer. It is the reason why capacitors for hot environment over 105°C are required. Then we, at Rubycon, has developed new LEX Series ideal for bulb type LED lamp, which is more compact, is available to hotter environment and has longer life than the above LLE Series. Each capacitor of the series uses a stable reliable electrolyte at high temperature, which has been developed with preparation techniques established through our long experience, as well as a sealing material having excellent airtightness. These capacitors are the leading product to be manufactured with originally developed facilities under the optimal conditions. This series is ideal for LED lamps having severer internal temperature condition due to downsizing, and contributes to further expansion of such lamps. The LEX Series has the guaranteed operating hours as long as 4,000 to 5,000 under 125°C atmosphere, which is the best specification in the industry. The life of the series is 3 times longer than our conventional high-temperature long-life series (RX30 Series). LEX Series, as well as LLE Series (released in October, 2011: 12,000-20,000 hour life at 105°C), will fully serve as input capacitors in LED lamp driver circuit that requires compact size, high heat resistance and long life.

*Sample / Mass production : Available

SizeΦ6.3×11, Φ8×9, Φ8×11.5,
Φ10×9, Φ10×12.5, Φ10×16L
Temperature range-40 ~ +125℃
Rated Voltage160V.DC200V.DC250V.DC400V.DC
Load Lofe4,000~5,000hours

LEX    ”LEX”Series Catalog data
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