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We, at Rubycon, are a pioneer in the industry in developing low impedance aluminum electrolytic capacitor.
We have brought "ZLH Series" to the market in 2001, which had epoch-making low impedance, long life and compactness at the time, and further "ZLJ Series" with higher ripple current resistance in 2008. Now we release "ZLQ Series" with lower impedance and more compactness than the conventional series.
Downsizing with capacitance and impedance equivalent to conventional is required to filter capacitors in output circuit of power supply in the viewpoint of downsizing requirement and security of stable power output. “ZLQ Series” is a series of lead wire type electrolytic capacitors with low impedance and compactness compatible with such needs.


"ZLQ Series" uses a new electrolyte of high conductivity combined with a low density spacer paper, so as to realize at most 20% lower (at 20ºC, 100kHz) and 25% lower (at -10ºC, 100kHz) impedance, as well as at most 15% higher ripple current resistance, than conventional capacitors of the same size. The new series also uses the latest anode foils with high capacitance to downsize at most 80% (6.3V) or 45% (25V) compared with the conventional “ZLH Series.” The new series is the most compact in wound-type low voltage (non-solid) aluminum electrolytic capacitors, so as to contribute to downsizing in power supply.

Size (mm)φ5×11L - φ16×25L
Temp. Range-40 - +105ºC
Voltage Range6.3 - 35V.DC
Cap. Range56 - 12,000µF
Guaranteed Life3,000 - 6,000hours

Sample, Mass Production Schedule
  Sample Delivery  : June, 2015
  Mass Production : June, 2015

Capacitance (µF)39002200470390
Size (φ×L:㎜)10×208×16
Z (Ω/20ºC,100kHz)0.0180.0200.0380.045
Z (Ω/-10ºC,100kHz)0.0540.0600.120.15
Rated Ripple Current

   "ZLQ" Series Catalog data

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