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1. Introduction

We now launch "TRV" Series with the longest life in the industry as long as 10000 hours at 105ºC, while we have brought "TLV" Series (5000 hours at 105ºC) to the market as surface-mount type aluminum electrolytic capacitor with long life and low impedance. Manufacturers of instrument and power supply have been advancing automation of production process under the situation such that personnel costs are drastically increasing in Asia. It is a reason why surface mounting is required to aluminum electrolytic capacitor as one of the major components for power supply.
In TRV Series, we prepare a wide lineup from Φ6.3 to Φ18, to meet the requirements for output filter capacitor in various power supplies with high reliability.

2. Features

TRV Series uses a low resistivity electrolyte with high reliability as well as a packing rubber with high airtightness, so as to establish 1.6 times as long life in sizes of Φ8 and Φ10, and twice in sizes of Φ12.5 and thicker, as our conventional TLV Series. Φ6.3 capacitor of the series realizes low impedance and high allowable ripple current, in addition to the life as long as our SLV Series. Category temperature range of the series is between -40 and +105ºC, which guarantees performance in low temperature range.

Major Specifications

SizeΦ6.3×6.1L - Φ18×21.5L
Temperature Range-40 - +105ºC
Rated Voltage6.3 - 50V.DC
Capacitance10 - 8,000µF
LifeΦ6.3×6.1L : 5,000 hours, Φ6.3×8L : 6,000 hours,
Φ8, Φ10 : 8,000 hours, ≥Φ12.5 : 10,000 hours

3. Schedules of Sample Distribution and Mass Production

  Sample Distribution   : September, 2015
  Mass Production        : November, 2015

TRV Series Catalog data

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