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1. Introduction

In the fields of industrial equipment, new energy, server and white goods with potential development, many snap-in capacitors are used for filter of switching power supply and inverter.
Snap-in aluminum electric capacitor accounts for a large percent of volume in circuit components, so that the need of downsizing is increasing to reduce product volume and to cut costs. Then we have been developing more compact capacitors.
We, at Rubycon, has released MXK Series last year as 105ºC snap-in capacitor series, which was smallest in the industry.
Now we further release USK Series with the highest compactness (at most 20% smaller than our USH Series) in the industry as 85ºC capacitor, and VXK Series with the highest compactness (at most 20% smaller than our VXH Series) in the industry as 105ºC long life capacitor, through development of our knowhow for MXK Series.

2. Features

USK,VXK USK/VXK Series realize compactness 1 class higher than conventional series by integration of long-established know-how for developing high-capacitance anode foil, production engineering technologies including high-precision winding and optimal product design improving volume effectiveness per capacitance.
Each capacitor of the new series has the length of 60mm, which has been prolonged against the conventional length of 50mm.
The series are compatible with various terminal forms such as 2-terminal, 3-terminal and reversal prevention terminal.
These series will contribute to downsizing and cost reduction in switching power supply and inverter.

Major Specifications
SizeΦ22×25L - Φ35×60LΦ22×25L - Φ35×60L
Temperature Range-25 - +85ºC-25 - +105ºC
Rated Voltage400Vdc420Vdc450Vdc400Vdc420Vdc450Vdc
Capacitance150 - 1200µF150 - 1200µF120 - 1000µF150 - 1200µF120 - 1000µF120 - 820µF
Life3,000 hours5,000 hours

3. Schedules of Sample Distribution and Mass Production

  Sample Distribution   : Now available
  Mass Production        : October, 2015

USK Series Catalog data       VXK Series Catalog data

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