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1. Introduction

Polymer Multi-layer Capacitor "PMLCAP" has thin film polymer dielectric thinner than 1µm to be formed with a vacuum deposition method, so as to realize much more compactness and lighter weight than conventional film capacitor. The capacitor is used to noise reduction, sound improvement in audio instrument and howling prevention of LCD panel and LED lamp, since it has the features such as performance free from piezoelectric effect, low dielectric absorption, low distortion and low howling. Especially in audio instrument market among the markets requiring higher performance, each manufacturer works tirelessly toward sound improvement.
We, at Rubycon, have now developed "MR Series" as LW-reversed type of conventional MU Series, to meet the above requirements.

2. Features

MR In this series, we have replaced external terminal pitch (L) of the conventional series with element width (W), to establish the new series.
The new series with the new dimensions has short current path (terminal pitch), so as to realize lower ESL than conventional MU Series.
MR Series with low ESL reduces higher harmonic distortion, so that it is useful to improvement in sound of audio instrument.
The series is also ideal for information and communication devices requiring EMC noise reduction, howling prevention, low dielectric absorption and low ESL.

3. Schedules of Sample Distribution and Mass Production

  Sample Distribution   : Available

4. Major Specifications

Size1632, 3245
Temperature Range-55 - +125ºC
Rated Voltage16, 25, 35, 50, 63, 100 Vdc
Capacitance0.01 - 6.8µF

MR Series Catalog data

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