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CAR-ELE JAPAN-9th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo

December 9, 2016

About "CAR-ELE JAPAN-9th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo"


Dates:Jan. 18 (Wed) ~20 (Fri) , 2017
Venue:Tokyo Big Sight ,Japan EAST HALL No.E35-27
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Product of Rubycon

*Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for Automotive
HGX, HRX, RXA series

 HXG,HRX Series has the maximum operating temperature as high as 135deg, and is high-reliable dedicated for automotive applications (for DC link of inverter.)
In addition, we added a new catalog for RXA series of 125deg compatible products specifically for automotive use.
Please find further high-performance products of SMD type and lead wire type ideal for various automobile applications.
RXA series
*Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

 PZ - CAP is a conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor which made it possible to withstand higher voltage than before by applying unique polymer technology while making full use of development and manufacturing know - how of non - solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor.
Rubycon is releasing PHV series having the guaranteed life of 4,000 hours at 135 deg, intending automobile application.
*Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitors PMLCAP MS series
 PMLCAP is a capacitor having polymer multilayered with our original method.
MS Series with magnetic-material-free electrode realizes excellent reproduction of high-tone range and quite straight and flat characteristics, so that it is ideal for audio applications. Improve moisture resistance, guarantee 85 deg 85% RH.
*Film Capacitors for "Power Devices" or "Power Electronics"
 We also propose Film capacitors with high voltage and large capacitance for smoothing circuit which EV/HEV requires. We have various solutions available such as "Film capacitor bank" with smaller and higher performance which could be realized by our unique and proud deposition technology, and other various Film capacitors in many sizes and features.
Film Capacitors for Power Devices or Power Electronics
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