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1. Introduction

Input smoothing capacitors for power supplies of household electrical appliances and adapters are constantly required to be miniaturized and reduced in number by increasing its capacity. Meeting these market requirement, we had developed miniaturized products for input smoothing such as QXW series (105ºC 2,000 hours), CXW series (105ºC 5,000 hours) and TXW series / BXW series (105ºC 10,000 to 12,000 hours).
Now we have succeeded in developing ultra miniaturized HXW series with a capacity of up to 44% higher than the conventional series (QXW series), and HXW series will contribute to downsizing electrical equipment with abundant size variation.

2. Features

HXW series uses a new aluminum foil with higher capacitance, high conductivity electrolyte and low density spacer paper, so as to realize at most 44% higher capacitance, than conventional series (QXW series, 400 to 450V) of the same size. The new series is the most compact in winding-type high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor category.
In addition, we expanded the rated voltage to 500 V to meet the demand for high-voltage products in servers and industrial equipment.
HXW series has wide size variation such as Φ10×30 to Φ18×50 and suitable for thin type power supply by horizontal mounting. Moreover, it can be used for various applications with the category temperature lower limit - 40ºC.

Major specifications
Category temperature range-40ºC to +105ºC
Rated voltage400Vdc to 500Vdc
Capacitance15µF to 270µF
SizeΦ10×30L to Φ18×50L
Lifetime105ºC2000 to 3000 hours
(Φ≧14.5, L≧30 : 3000 hours)
Performance comparison(400V,450V)
Rated voltage(Vdc)Size ΦD×L(mm)HXW seriesQXW series

3. Schedules of Sample Distribution and Mass Production

  Sample Distribution   : Available
  Mass Production        : December, 2017

HXW Series Catalog data

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