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1. Introduction

We have developed and launched metallized film capacitors adapted to various applications in the past. Now, we have developed MPF series of metallized film capacitors for ultra high withstand voltage specialized for high voltage power supply application.
MPF series is resin coated lead wire type film capacitors and can be used for rated voltage up to 20,000 Vdc. This series is suitable for use in high voltage circuit "Cockcroft-Walton circuit" such as high voltage power supply, X-ray device, laser device, electron microscope, copying machine etc.

2. Features

MPF series uses polypropylene for the dielectric film and adopts its own vapor deposition pattern and internal structure to cope with ultra-high voltage. MPF series has succeeded in lineup to maximum of 20,000 Vdc which is 10 times higher than the conventional products.
The category temperature range is -40ºC to + 85ºC, the rated voltage range is 10,000 Vdc to 20,000 Vdc, and the capacitance range is 4,700 pF to 33,000 pF.
We offer optimum custom design according to the intended use, so please contact us for details.

Major specifications
Category temperature range-40ºC to +85ºC
Rtaed voltage10,000Vdc to 20,000Vdc
Capacitance4,700pF to 33,000pF

MPF             Size example
            20,000Vdc / 10,000pF
            Width          :82.0mm
            Thickness   :28.0mm
            Height         :29.0mm
            Lead pitch   :75.5mm

3. Schedules of Sample Distribution and Mass Production

  Sample Distribution   : Available
  Mass Production        : Available

MPF Series Catalog data

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