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1. Introduction

We add surface-mount type "PJV" Series (4000h at 125ºC) to winding type conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor (hybrid type), while we have already launched various series of hi-voltage and high capacitance hybrid type capacitor such as surface-mount type "PEV" (10000h at 105ºC), "PFV" (4000h at 125ºC) and "PHV" (4000h at 135ºC), and lead wire type "PZE" (10000h at 105ºC) and "PZF" (4000h at 125ºC) Series. Our hybrid products have contributed to miniaturization and long life of automotive and industrial equipment where high reliability is required.
Conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor (hybrid type) uses conductive polymer and unique functional liquid in combination so that it has much lower ESR and higher compatibility with ripple current than conventional non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor. In addition, it has excellent features that the frequency characteristics are stable up to the extremely low temperature range and ESR change with time at high temperature use is small.
The new lineup of PJV series has higher capacitance and higher ripple current than conventional PFV series, and we will continue to further miniaturization and high performance of equipment with expanding the lineup of voltage, capacitance, size etc. of hybrid type continuously.

2. Features

PJV series has achieved 1.2 times higher capacitance and rated ripple current compared to conventional products (PFV series) by adopting a new high capacitance foil, low resistance separator and improved manufacturing method. It also has moisture resistance of 85ºC 85% RH 2000hr.

Major specifications
Category temperature range-55ºC to +125ºC
Rated voltage25V, 35V
Capacitance180µF to 470µF
SizeΦ8×10.5, Φ10×10.5
Lifetime125ºC 4000 hours
Humidity resistance85ºC85%RH 2000 hours

Performance comparison(25V)
Rated ripple current

Hybrid type performance of 35V/Φ10x10.5 size is 1.5 times in electrostatic capacity, 1/6 at 20 ºC ESR and about 5times in rated ripple current at 100 kHz in comparison with the same size electrolyte type (TGV series). Replacing conventional electrolyte type aluminum electrolytic capacitors with hybrid type makes it possible to downsize equipment and achieve higher performance.

Performance comparison(Φ10,35V)
TypeHybrid typeElectrolyte type
SeriesPJV seriesTGV series
Temperature range-55ºC to 125ºC-40ºC to 125ºC
L.C.(35V/2 minutes)115.5µA(0.01CV)77µA(0.01CV)
Ripple current(100kHz)2800mA550mA
ESR(20ºC, 100kHz)20mΩ120mΩ
Lifetime4000 hours3000 hours

3. Schedules of Sample Distribution and Mass Production

Sample Distribution :Available
Mass Production : April, 2018

PJV Series Catalog data

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