Product Information: Electrolytic Capacitor

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Technical Notes

7. Product Selection for Application

     Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the feature of high capacitance per unit volume and lower cost per capacitance compared with other capacitors and are mainly used for smoothing power supply. Our lineup of aluminum electrolytic capacitors includes products with various characteristics such as small size, high ripple current, low impedance (low ESR), long life, low height / thin diameter, high temperature, overvoltage correspondence, and vibration proof. Please select the capacitor suitable for intended use and required performance.
     Points of product selection and recommended products for typical applications are shown below.

①For Input Smoothing Circuit of Power Supply
     Input smoothing capacitor of power supply is positioned after diode that commutates commercial AC power supply (50 Hz / 60 Hz), plays a role of smoothing (DC transducing) pulsating current of full-wave / half-wave rectified by the diode. Small size, high capacitance, high ripple current, high reliability and safety are required for input smoothing capacitor. In switching power supply, since ripple current corresponding to switching frequency of several tens of kHz to several hundred kHz is also applied to the input smoothing capacitor, low impedance at this frequency is also important factor. When used for inverter smoothing circuits, especially servo amplifiers that repeat charging and discharging, optimum product selection or individual design considerations that can withstand frequent and large voltage fluctuations are required.

Table 4 Recommended series for input smoothing of power supply

StandardMiniaturizedStandardMiniaturizedLong life

②For Output Smoothing Circuit of Power Supply
     Output smoothing capacitor of power supply is plays an important role to stabilize output voltage.
     High ripple current and low impedance (low ESR) characteristics at switching frequency of several tens of kHz to several hundred kHz are required for output smoothing capacitor of switching power supply. In addition, depending on installation location and design life of power supply equipment, there are cases where low temperature or high temperature correspondence, long life characteristics of capacitors are required and where surface mounting of capacitors to miniaturize equipment and automate production line are required.

Table 5 Recommended series for output smoothing of power supply

StandardStandardLow Z (ESR)Long lifeLow Z (ESR)

③For Control Circuit
     For control circuit capacitors, those with a relatively small capacitance and a small size (low height) compared to input and output capacitors are used. In a case placed near heating parts due to high density mounting of electronic equipment, long life is required for capacitors.

Table 6 Recommended series for control circuit

Low heightLong life
Lead wireMLYXM

④For Strobe Flash
     Strobe flash capacitors are product specialized for strobe flash lighting and designed to increase its energy density per volume to the limit. Therefore, please note that it can not be used for purposes other than main capacitor of strobe flash. For product specifications etc., it will be individual design, so please contact us for details.

     In addition to the products introduced above, we are offering wide range of series that correspond to various applications, please refer to our product catalog for details. We also provide parameter search (product search) based on required performance, so please use it in conjunction.

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