Product Information: Power Supply Units

Power Supply Units FAQ

Please let us know the hints and air flow conditions in case when the power supply is used at high temperatures.
If a fan is used, it is possible to obtain the rated output even at the ambient temperature of 60degC. Select the mounting direction and airflow of the fan in such manner that the power supply unit may be cooled internally to the maximum extent.
Note: After the power supply unit was mounted on the device proper, never fail to measure the inside temperature of power supply unit and frame temperature and check to see that such temperatures may be lower than 90degC at the maximum operating temperature of the device proper.
Example) In case of RSW 100: T1, L2 and frame temperatures should be lower than 90degC.
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Please let us know the overcurrent characteristics.
Please confirm the output characteristics given in the file attached below.
(Example: RSW 100-24 output characteristics)
RSW 100-24 output characteristics
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Please let us know the way how to adjust the output voltage.
It is possible to adjust the output voltage by means of output voltage adjuster (V. ADJ).
Upon adjustment, don't touch the inside and use an insulating screw-driver.
Turn the adjuster anticlockwise, and the output voltage will drop. To increase the output voltage, turn the adjuster clockwise.

Note: The output voltage should be used within the range specified on the catalogue.
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