Product Information: Power Supply Units

Power Supply Units

Power Supply units are essential to electronic devices. Rubycon develops, manufactures and sells various kinds of switching power supply units, high reliability, high performance and custom design, for various applications such as medical, light source, industrial use, etc., by utilizing our original circuit design techniques with know-how accumulated as a capacitor manufacturer. We provide power supply units that meet with customers' needs by achieving energy saving, low cost, high efficiency, miniaturized and low profile performances with extensive experience in R&D & manufacturing.

Custom Power Supplies

Example of custom power supplies

Custom power supply units with the features of high reliability, high efficiency, low noise, miniature and low profile are developed and manufactured to meet with customers' needs. Our original analog circuit technology cultivated over many years, and the digital control technology based upon our software technology, are fused into highly value-added power supply units. Optimal power solution is provided in a wide range of fields such as medial equipment, light-source equipment, industrial equipment, etc.

Module Power Supply Units

Module Power Supply UnitsThese are the optimal module power supply units for distributed power supplies. They offer industry-standard dimensions and pin layouts. They achieve compactness and high efficiency by employing SMT devices mounted on a multilayer board.

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