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LLE series, Ultra Long Life Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Ultra long life, LLE series has been realized by employing high-reliability electrolyte composition that was developed to stabilize the characteristics over time under high temperature condition, and extreme air-tight sealing rubber material.
Growing interest to environmental consideration in the market places, enlarges demand of LEDs that provide energy conservation and long life property. Especially LED light bulbs are booming in these years. These LED light bulbs tend to generate heat more and more by advancement in brightness of LED element and miniaturization, and there are cases that the expected life time of the set does not make effective use of LED features with the conventional Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors. In this sense, LLE series achieved almost 2 times the life time of our conventional long life capacitor (BXC series), the longest in the industry, and are the most suitable product as the input capacitor in the LED driver circuits.

Main feature
SizeΦ6.3×11L to Φ18×31.5L
Temperature-40 to +105ºC
Rated Voltage160Vdc to 450Vdc
Capacitance1 to 68µF
Life Time12,000 to 20,000hours

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