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LUR/LHR series, Screw Terminal Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

LUR/LHR series is 85ºC/105ºC 5000hour life, low thermal resistance, screw type aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the structure in which the cathode foil of the capacitor element is brought into contact with the case. Even higher ripple current can be applied under forced cooling environment by fan etc. due to improved heat dissipation. These series are best suited for the use in PV inverter or wind mill power generation applications that require high voltage, high capacitance and high ripple current capability.
Clump mounting type and stud mounting type are available, and the stud makes ease of mounting compared with the normal clump mounting method, as well as minimizing the mounting area.
For the variety of applications, other series of screw type capacitors are lined up such as LSA series, 85°C 20000hour life, LSC series, 105ºC 5000hour life, high rated ripple current, and LSY/LSH series, 85ºC/105ºC 5000hour life, high capacitance.

Main feature
Temperature-25 ~ +85ºC-25 ~ +105ºC
Rated Voltage350~500V.DC350~450V.DC
Capacitance1800 ~ 22000µF1800 ~ 18000µF
Life Time5,000hours5,000hours

Link to Catalog page (pdf) of LUR series 
Link to Catalog page (pdf) of LHR series 

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