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Miniature & Long life Aluminum electrolytics Capatiors Series "TXW" for Adoptor Input
Miniature Aluminum electrolytics Capatiors Series "AX" for Smart Phone Charger

TXW series is radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors that are widely used in the input filtering of various power supply units including adapters.
It provides the long life performance of 10,000hours @105ºC and fits into variaty of space requirement by choosing from various sizes including thin & long configuration which was developed from the production knowhow accumulated through the photo-flash capacitors maintaining the overwhelming worldwide share.
AX series is ultra miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitor series that was developed for the use in the power input filtering of mobile phone chargers.
By employing sophisticated winding machines developed in-house, the extremely high gain aluminum foil is wound precisely to realize the highest capacitance values in the world smallest sizes as input filtering capacitors. It’s suitable for the use of input of miniature chargers for smart phones.

Main feature
SizeΦ6.3×25L to Φ18×45LΦ5×7L to Φ12.5×16L
Temperature-40(-25) to +105ºC-40 to +105ºC
Rated Voltage35 to 450Vdc6.3 to 35, 400Vdc
Capacitance12 to 1800µF4.7 to 1200µF
Life Time7,000 - 10,000hours1,000 to 2,000hours

Link to Catalog page (pdf) of TXW series 

Link to Catalog page (pdf) of AX series 

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