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photo flash Recommended products for photo flash applications

FW series, radial leaded photo flash aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for photo flash are required to have both ultra miniature size and high reliability performance.
Capacitors fitting to wide variety of requirements are developed at Rubycon, by combining ultra high gain foil and high reliability electrolyte and by employing production equipment developed in-house.
This excellent technology enabled us to maintain 70% of world share of photo flash capacitors for a long time, and is also applied to the pencil type aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
FW series capacitors are lined up from 5mm diameter and up, with customized length available.
Also, for LED flash applications, the pencil type configurations of Electric Double Layer capacitors are lined up with small size and high capacitance value.

Main feature
SizeCustom sizes
Temperature-20 to +60ºC
Rated Voltage330V.DC
CapacitanceCustom values

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