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automotive Recommended products for automotive applications

HBX / HGX series, aluminum electrolytic capacitors
HVC series, power film capacitors

HBX & HGX series are radial leaded, high ripple, high capacitance and low ESR aluminum electrolytic capacitors specifically developed for the use of automotive applications. HBX is proposed for the high voltage inverter and HGX for low voltage inverter both for applications of smoothing motor current. HGX series is also available in the form of Surface mount configuration with optional auxiliary terminals for vibration resistance.
HVC series is power film capacitors developed for the use in inverter for HEV / EV. It realizes miniaturization thru our original metallization and winding techniques, low ESR performance thru our metal-spray technology, and low ESL performance thru bus-bar design techniques. It’s most suitable for buck-boost converter and half bridge converter applications.

Main feature
SizeΦ10×30L to Φ16×20LΦ12.5×20L to Φ18×30L-
Temperature-40 to +125ºC-40 to +135ºC-40 to +105ºC
Rated Voltage250Vdc
25 to 70Vdc100 to 2000Vdc
Capacitance30 to 56µF240 to 6800µF1 to 2000µF
Life Time3,000hours3,000hours-
automotive automotive

Link to Catalog page (pdf) of HBX series 
Link to Catalog page (pdf) of HGX series 
Link to Catalog page (pdf) of HVC series 

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