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MPC / MPX series, power film capacitors

While many industrial applications adopt inverters to better control aiming energy conservation, demand of capacitors shifts toward high voltage, high capacitance film capacitors. MPC and MPX series are power film capacitors with miniaturization, low ESR and low ESL performance to meet with the requirements of inverter applications.
These capacitors realized miniaturization thru our original metallization and winding techniques, while taking the following advantages of film capacitors: 1) long life and maintenance-free, 2) excellent frequency characteristics with low loss & low heat generation, 3) excellent high withstanding voltage, 4) excellent self-healing and safety performance.
MPC series is configured in rectangular shape and MPX series is configured in cylindrical shape. Both are available with custom designs of rated voltage, capacitance value and size options. Also, terminal shapes and sizes are available to accommodate with custom needs.

Main feature
Temperature-40 to +85ºC-20 to +70ºC
Rated Voltage630 to 1600Vdc900 to 1300Vdc
Capacitance0.1 to 2.2µF200 to 1600µF

Link to Catalog page (pdf) of MPC series 
Link to Catalog page (pdf) of MPX series 

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