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energy harvesting Recommended product for energy harvesting applications

Energy storage elements, PMLCAP & Electric Double Layer capacitors

Energy harvesting is a technology to harvest and reuse the minor energy around everybody’s daily life. It’s gathering people's attention. Capacitors have an important role as energy storage elements and are required to havelow leakage performance, miniature & large capacitance values and long life performance.
The name PMLCAP comes from the initials of Polymer Multi Layer CAPacitors, and it’s a SMD caps with many layers of polymer are stacked together. PMLCAP realized significant miniaturization and light weight by utilizing our original technology of creating thin film dielectric with thickness of less than 1um, as well as presenting flat and excellent leakage current performance.
EDLC is a clean energy device that contains no environmentally hazardous substances, and that provides the ability of rapid charge & discharge cycles. Rubycon lines up radial leaded and screw terminal type EDLC products taking the production knowhow accumulated thru aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Main feature
Size1608/2012/3216/3225/4532/5750Φ8×16 to Φ22×65
Temperature-55 to +125℃-25 to +70(+60)ºC
Rated Voltage16 to 100Vdc2.5 to 3.0Vdc
Capacitance0.0001 to 22µF1.0 to 190F

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Electric Double Layer Capacitors

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