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Ultra Low Profile and High Capacitance Polymer Capacitor Series "SLG"

The PC-CON product line-up is currently available in a 7343 (D case package) with height 1.4mm and now with the introduction of the "SLG" series will expand to 7343 (D case package) with height 1.1mm with high capacitance up to 180µF at rated voltage 2V and 2.5V products.
This series incorporates conductive polymer technology common in the PC-CON™ brand designed and produced by Rubycon Carlit Co.,Ltd.
In conjunction with smaller size and increased functionality of electronics devices such as notebook PCs and Tablet PCs, fueling the need for high speed processing CPU circuitry · Low profile and Lower ESR capacitors with higher capacitance are required to meet the technology demand.
To satisfy these requirements, Rubycon takes advantage of its advanced materials and product element structure including a new high-capacitance anode foil to create the SLG series in a compact packaging design.

  • Sample: Available from May 2012
  • Mass Production: Available from June 2012
Size(㎜)7.3×4.3×1.1(D case)
Category Temp-55 ~ +105ºC
Rated Voltage2~6.3V.DC
Capacitance47 ~ 180µF
ESR(20ºC, 100kHz)9mΩ · 15mΩ
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