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Winding Type Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors(Hybrid Type)
"PFV Series"

1. Introduction

We have already released many types of winding type conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor with high working voltage, lead-wire-type "PZA Series" (3000 hours at 105ºC), "PZC Series" (3000 hours at 125ºC), SMD-type "PAV Series" (3000 hours at 105ºC) and "PCV Series" (3000 hours at 125ºC). We now release a hybrid-type "PFV Series" (4000 hours at 125ºC) with higher capacitance and longer life. Winding type conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor has lower ESR and higher resistance to ripple current than conventional non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor. ESR of the new series using solid electrolyte is stable from low to high temperature (small temporal change in characteristic values), which overcomes defect of the conventional electrolytic capacitor, so that the new series makes a huge contribution to improvement in reliability and performance of power supplies and downsizing of control circuit boards. The series is ideal for outdoor instruments such as communication device and automobile instruments that press downsizing and light weight.
PFV Series not only has high capacitance and long life in addition to superior performance of conductive polymer electrolytic capacitor, but also is compatible with led-free reflow soldering.

2. Features

We have realized conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor with high working voltage by adoption of a new polymer and development of our original production engineering method. But in the new "PFV Series," we have accomplished higher capacitance, longer life and lower leakage current as well as stable performance at ultra-low temperature range, by a hybrid technology of a low ESR polymer added with a new additive originally developed and optimization of production conditions.
ESR of the new capacitor is about a sixth of conventional non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor (TGV Series) at the same size and resistance to ripple current is about 4 times higher. Capacitance of the new series is about 3 to 5 times higher than our solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor (PCV Series). Guaranteed life of the series is extended to 4,000 hours at 125ºC from 3,000 hours. Then the new series will contribute to downsizing and improvement in reliability of electronic equipment.

3. Time Table

Start of sample delivery: February, 2015
Start of mass production: June, 2015

Major Specifications
SizeΦ8×10.5L - Φ10×10.5L
Temperature Range-55 - +125ºC
Rated Voltage25 - 63V.DC
Capacitance33 - 330µF
Guaranteed Life4,000 hours
Comparison (35WV)
Size(φ×L : mm)10×10.510×1210×10.5
ESR(Ω/20ºC 100kHz)0.0200.0310.120
Resistance to Ripple Current(mArms/125ºC100kHz)2,0002,000550
Life at 125ºC4,000hours3,000hours3,000hours

"PFV"series catalog data

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