60 years in business

60 Years in Business

Dear valued customers and partners,

Rubycon Corporation celebrates its 60th anniversary at Apr. 2012, with sincere thanks to your patronage and assistance to our products and services.

Company was founded in April 1952 as Nippon Denkai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. by Teruo Tonouchi the current chairman with merely 8 employees. It was still in the period of confusion after the war, and there were a lot of difficulties to overcome in building the firm basis of business, as many people in the same age experienced back then.
Now, 60 years since then, we have a total of 14 factories and 22 sales offices with over 3000 employees worldwide.

We desire continuing to be a Company that strives to manufacture having dreams and passion just like inception, and that can contribute to all of you.

April 2012

Teruo Tonouchi
Chairman & CEO
Shuichi Katsuyama
President & COO



1952 Nippon Denkai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.


1955 Right after relocation


1956 New factory built after the fire

1952 Apr. Foundation of Nippon Denkai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. at Honmachi, Ina-City.
Capital: Yen 20,000 with 8 employees
1953 Mar.
Company name changes to Shin-Ei Tushin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Apr. Trademark is registered as "Rubycon"
1955 Jan. Company relocated to Suijincho (where current Ina factory is)
1956 Jan. Factory building was burnt down by fire
Completion of new building for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in July of that year
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1962 10th anniversary ceremony


1964 New factory building


1964 Electrical Inspection

1961 Jul. Company song established
1962 Jan. Mission statement "Be No.1 in all aspect" established
Apr. 10th anniversary ceremony
1964 Oct. 12th anniversary & New factory building memorial ceremony
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1972 Renovated Headquarters building


1972 6 employees as instructors for a practical training to start the overseas production


1979 Nishikoma factory (current Section 2 building)

1972 Feb. Established Rubycon Singapore Pte.,Ltd. (Singapore)
Apr. Headquarters building was renovated.
20th anniversary ceremony
Sep. Established HAN KUK SHIN YEONG Co.,Ltd. (Republic of Korea)
Overseas operational training program started.
1979 Apr. Nishikoma factory was built (current Section 2 building) and started operation
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1982 30th anniversary ceremony


1982 Nishikoma Factory building completed.(current Section 1 building added)


1989 Cafeteria opened at Nishikoma factory

1982 Apr. 30th anniversary ceremony
Jun. Nishikoma factory completed (current Section 1 building added)
1989 Apr. Cafeteria opened at Nishikoma factory
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1990 Completion of Headquarters new building


1990 Company logo and emblem established


1996 Company baseball team won the 1st place at National convention of Social Insurance Organization


1998 Tonouchi Clock Memorial Museum and Carillon were built

1990 Dec. 40th anniversary and Headquarters new building foundation ceremony
Company name changed to Rubycon Corporation
Company emblem was established with butterfly image
1996 Sep. Rubycon baseball team won the first place in the 44th national convention of Social Insurance Organization
1998 Jun. Tonouchi Clock Memorial Museum was opened
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2002 Completion of Technical Center Building


2002 Technical Center foundation Ceremony


2008 Overview of Headquarters area. (including Technical Center, Nishikoma factories, Tonouchi Clock Memorial Museum and Tobouchi Memorial Park)

2002 Apr. Technical Center building was built
Jun. 50th anniversary and Technical Center Building foundation ceremony
2004 Feb. Completion of new building at Electronic Apparatus Division of Ina factory (current Rubycon Corp. Electronic Apparatus Division)
2008 Apr. Tonouchi Memorial Park was opened

Sales Offices and Rubycon Group Companies

1953 Apr. Tokyo branch sales office was established (Setagaya, Tokyo)
1960 Nov. Shin-Ei Denshi Co., Ltd. (current Rubycon Electronics) was established (Ina City)
1963 Jul. Tokyo branch, Osaka sales office was established (Yodogawa, Osaka)
Oct. Shin-Ei Machinery Co., Ltd. (current Rubycon Engineering) was established (Chuo, Ina City)
1967 Mar. Trio Commercial & Gift Co., Ltd. was established (Kasuga-cho, Ina City)
1968 Dec. Tokyo branch Osaka sales office became independent Osaka branch office
1969 Jul. Osaka branch Nagoya sales office was established (Moriyama-Ku, Nagoya City)
Nov. Minowa Shin-Ei Co., Ltd. (current Seibu Rubycon) was established.
Dec. Kiso Shin-Ei Co., Ltd. was established.
1973 Sep. Shin-Ei Denshi Towa Factory (current Fukushima Rubycon) was established Shin-Ei Capacitor Foil Co., Ltd. was established in a joint venture with JCC
Oct. Shoei Sangyo Co., Ltd. was established
1974 Jan. Niigata Shin-Ei Co., Ltd. (current Niigata Rubycon Inc.) was established (Arai City, Niigata Pref.)
1975 Nov. Roxy-Rubycon joint company was dissolved and independent Rubycon Singapore Pte Ltd. was established.
1978 May Shi-Ei Denshi Towa factory was renamed as Tohoku Shin-Ei Co., Ltd. (current Fukushima Rubycon)
Jun. Shin-Ei Shoji Co., Ltd. was established (Ina City)
1979 Jun. Rubycon America Inc. was established (Chicago, IL, USA)
1980 Nov. Nagano sales office was established (in Headquarters)
1981 Mar. Tohoku sales office was established (in Tokyo branch)
1982 Feb. International Division Hong Kong Liaison Office (current Hong Kong branch) and Osaka branch Kyushu sales office (Kasuga City, Fukuoka Pref.) were established
1984 Feb. Akita Shin-Ei Co., Ltd. (current Akita Rubycon) was established
1985 Apr. Osaka branch Hiroshima sales office was established
1986 Jul. Taiwan Liaison Office (current Taiwan branch) was established
1990 Jan. Tokyo branch Mito sales office was established (Katsuta City, Ibaraki Pref.)
Sep. International Division was relocated to Minami-Ikebukuro
1991 Mar. Ina Prince Hotel was opened
1994 Feb. Tohoku sales office was relocated to Sendai City, Miyagi Pref.
Jul. PT Rubycon Indonesia was established
1997 Feb. Rubycon Singapore Thai Liaison office (current Rubycon International Thailand Co., Ltd) was established
1999 Jan. Rubycon Singapore Malaysia branch office was established
2001 Sep. Tokyo branch office was relocated to Minami-Ikebukuro
2002 May Branch Munich office and Han Kuk Shin-Ei Seoul sales office were established
Aug. Rubycon International Shanghai Co., Ltd. was established
2003 Apr. Netherland branch was established
2004 Feb. Opened Rubycon Corporation Shenzhen Representative Office.
(The Peoples Republic of China)
2005 Jan. Han Kuk Shin-Ei headquarters was relocated to Seoul and Gumi branch office was established
2006 Jan. Rubycon Carlit Co., Ltd. was relocated to Ina City.
2009 Oct. New LB factory building was added at PT Rubycon Indonesia
2010 Oct. New XW factory building was added at PT Rubycon Indonesia
Dec. Akita Rubycon Daisen factory was established
2011 Apr. Rubycon International Shanghai Co., Ltd. Beijin Liaison office was established
May Rubycon Singapore Pte Ltd. India Liaison office was established (Mumbai, India)
Oct. Akita Rubycon Ouchi factory was established
Nov. Rubycon Engineering administration new building was established
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