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Ever since our founding in 1952, Rubycon Corporation has strictly adhered to a “customer first policy" as the company’s core value. In doing so, we are constantly reminded of our primary goals of striving to develop revolutionary new products that meet the demands of this ever-changing world, provide quality service, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by always fulfilling expectations. In today’s complex business environment, wherein a sense of purpose is often compromised for profit, we are even more committed to our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction by always adhering to our company policy.

Guided by our company philosophy, Rubycon is also aiming for the top position on this fast-paced global business stage. We have undergone reforms and rejuvenated our corporate structure in preparation for the “era of global competition." To this end, we have also devised a universal business strategy on the basis of the concept of three “connections."

The first is the connection between the company and the customers as business partners. At Rubycon, we provide a clear visualization of the future for all our partners. Knowing exactly where we need to be in the future has helped us advance steadily with sustainable growth.

The second is the connection between leaders. As a part of the effort to achieve the top global position, Rubycon has implemented programs to nurture outstanding next-generation leaders who are encouraged to formulate innovative solutions to challenges.

The last connection is that present in management cycle. Our management cycle is constantly reviewed through mid-term and annual plans on the basis of a ten-year “grand design" not only to maintain sustainable growth but also to adapt to changes in the global business environment.

The electronic components industry in Japan is currently facing an era that is harsher and more complicated and fluctuating than ever before. To become a company with a strong managerial foundation, we must now full-heartedly devote ourselves to this challenge.

We hope your continued support.

Tony (Shintaro) Tonouchi
President and CEO

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