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Rubycon Corporation Privacy Policy

Rubycon Corporation, understanding that the Privacy Policy is an important obligation in its business activities, works continually to ensure that all employees comply with the law and with company regulations with regard to the handling of personal information in day-to-day business operation, so as to enhance society’s trust in the company.

  • Rubycon works to ensure that all employees understand the importance of protecting personal information and comply with all laws and other regulations relating to the appropriate handling of personal information.
  • The purpose for all handling and collection of personal information shall be clearly identified and the information shall be used only within the scope of that purpose.
  • Every effort shall be made to ensure that all personal information provided to Rubycon is kept accurate and up-to-date.
  • When a request is received to disclose, add to, revise, or delete personal information that it holds, it shall be complied with promptly and by the proper procedures, respecting the person’s wishes and with integrity.
  • Personal information held by Rubycon shall not be provided or disclosed to any third party without the agreement of the person or a legal requirement to do so.
  • Appropriate measures shall be employed to ensure the appropriate and safe management of personal information held by the company, so as to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or leaking of the personal information.
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