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Rubycon Corporation's Security Policies

Rubycon Corporation (hereinafter known as Rubycon) places the highest priority on protecting human life and providing safe products under all conditions, and we are constantly striving to improve the lifestyles of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers.

Rubycon considers manpower, technology, facilities, property and information (research and development information, administrative information, computer system and network information, etc.,) to be assets of extremely high value. We are fully aware of the fact that damage, leakage, modifications, theft or any other threats to these assets, whether intentional or unintentional, place the company at great risk and threatens the safety of our employees and the sense of trust we have carefully nurtured in our customers over a period of many years. In order to combat these threats, Rubycon pledges to fully protect and appropriately administer to these assets, to instill all employees with an awareness of the importance of protecting assets, and to strictly adhere to the security policies stipulated below.

  • Employees shall protect all Rubycon assets from intentional and unintentional threats, and administer them appropriately.
  • Employees shall use Rubycon assets only for work-related purposes, and shall never use them for personal, political or religious purposes.
  • When using Rubycon assets, employees shall never infringe upon the property rights, confidentiality or privacy of the Rubycon organization or of any third parties.
  • When using Rubycon assets, employees shall never become involved in activities that lead to criminal behavior or activities that infringe upon public order and morality.
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