关于参加 第16届 AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 的通知

December 25, 2023


Dates : 24 – 26 January, 2024
Venue : Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Official Site : https://www.automotiveworld.jp/tokyo/en-gb.html

Highlights of our exhibit

Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitors “PMLCAP”
PMLCAP is a capacitor made of High molecular layers using our proprietary technology and it has very close to ideal electrical characteristics. Compared to our conventional film capacitors, it can be made much smaller in size. There were the small surface-mount types available only in the past, however, we have developed the large-sized products that can be used as in-vehicle inverters.

■Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors (Hybrid type)

PZ-CAP is a new type of non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor with higher withstand voltage than our conventional capacitors. We have a great lineup of hybrid type – total 18 series with leaded/surface-mounted to meet our customer requirements.

■Aluminum electrolytic capacitors “TYV”
“TYV” is a surface mount type series guaranteed for 8,000 hours at 105°C. Like the TNV series (products guaranteed for 5,000 hours at 105℃), it maintains high capacity and low ESR characteristics. By combining a high-performance electrolyte and a highly airtight sealing material, it can be guaranteed for 8,000 hours at 105℃. The rated voltage is 25V, 35V, and the capacitance range is from 330 to 820μF.

Film capacitors
Rubycon has a wide range of film capacitors, from small general-purpose products to large film capacitors for automotive and industrial semiconductors, making it possible to propose solutions for a variety of devices and applications. The “MPT” series, which can handle at a high temperature of 125℃, has been added to the lineup and can be used in automotive equipment.