HOME NEWSROOM 【新产品发布】 铝电解电容器(钮角型) MXZ系列 105℃ 3,000小时, 超小型化品

【新产品发布】 铝电解电容器(钮角型) MXZ系列 105℃ 3,000小时, 超小型化品

May 16, 2024


Rubycon has developed the MXZ series of snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors that achieve the industry’s top specifications, targeting communications equipment and other applications. The MXZ series is the best product with high capacitance and a guaranteed lifetime of 3,000 hours at 105℃.


The MXZ series uses a laminated foil that can further expand the surface area of the etched foil, which is currently common electrode foil. As a result, we have achieved an approximately 8% increase in capacitance compared to the conventional MXT series (guaranteed for 3,000 hours at 105°C). This product, which features large capacitance, enables long-term device output voltage stabilization, making it ideal for communication devices such as server power supplies that require high capacitance.

Category Temperature -25℃ ~ +105℃
Rated Voltage 450Vdc
Capacitance Range 430μF ~ 2510μF
Size φ22×50L ~ φ35×100L
Endurance 105℃ 3,000 hours

Standard Size
Vdc Cap
Size (φD×L)
Ripple (105℃)
(A r.m.s./120Hz)
450 1080 30×60 2.88
1300 30×70 3.25

Sample:July 2024
Mass Production:October 2024