HOME NEWSROOM 【新产品发布】 铝电解电容器(钮角型) VXT系列 扩大额定电压 105℃ 5,000小时, 超小型化品

【新产品发布】 铝电解电容器(钮角型) VXT系列 扩大额定电压 105℃ 5,000小时, 超小型化品

May 16, 2024


Rubycon is now adding 475V and 500V rated voltage products to the 105℃ 5,000hours, Ultra Miniaturized VXT series. (Currently, rated voltage up to 450V is released.) The VXT series has been upgraded to higher voltage, achieving a rated voltage of 500V, and also achieving industry-leading miniaturization and high capacitance. This product, featuring high voltage, miniaturization, and high capacitance, is ideal for server power supplies and Clean Energy (Wind/Solar) applications.


The new lineup of products of rated voltages of 475 V and 500 V has achieved industry-leading miniaturization in the category of 105°C for 5,000 hours, according to adopted high-performance electrolyte, electrolytic paper with enhanced electrolyte retention. Furthermore, the use of a high capacitance foil enables increase in capacitance of up to approximately 20% the conventional VXK series (guaranteed for 5,000 hours at 105℃) and it is possible to downsize of one-size.

Category Temperature -25℃ ~ +105℃
Rated Voltage 475Vdc、500Vdc
Capacitance Range 100μF ~ 820μF
Size φ22×25L ~ φ35×60L
Endurance 105℃ 5,000 hours

Standard Size
Vdc Cap
Size (φD×L)
Ripple (105℃)
(A r.m.s./120Hz)
475 680 30×60 2.60
820 35×55 2.67
500 560 30×55 2.36
820 35×60 2.80

Sample:Available Now
Mass Production:Available Now

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