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Management Philosophy

Rubycon’s Philosophy

Be the best partner for people, society, and our planet with our pioneering spirit and technology.

Rubycon’s Philosophy

As we continue to expand globally, we recognize the importance of sharing our ideals and direction with our employees and the many people who support Rubycon. This policy was established in 2024 to share our management philosophy in today’s world both inside and outside of the company.

Pioneering spirit:
The word “pioneering” is one that our founder was incredibly passionate about. In a rapidly changing world, having this pioneering spirit is essential to our success as individuals and as a company.

We strive to provide valuable products created through new technologies, continuing to grow as a company in the global market. We believe technology is not limited to products and manufacturing. Technology also includes the individual technologies that carry out the duties across many departments in our corporate activities.

People, Society and our Planet:
We believe that to continue developing as a company, we must also give back. Our product development, production, and sales initiatives are accompanied by measures to ensure sustainable practices. Through this social responsibility, we can promote the health and happiness of people, society, and the global environment.

Be the best partner:
We aim to be a company that is not only chosen by customers for our innovative technology, but also by business partners, local communities, prospective employees, and of course, everyone who works at Rubycon.

Spirit of Founder

Let’s be the No.1 in Japan in all aspects!

Spirit of Founder

Established in 1962 on our company’s 10th anniversary, our company motto became a way for Rubycon’s employees to unite and aim for even higher success. As the founding philosophy and sprit of our founder and our predecessors, it has become the base of Rubycon’s philosophy.

Spirit of founder expresses our commitment to being industry leaders as long as we are engaged in business. We aim to not only be leaders in the capacitor industry, but to set the standard for companies in Japan for all aspects. We hope to be a company that our employees are proud to work for and is valued by our local communities.

Employees’ Motto

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