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Cookie Policy

Rubycon Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) uses cookies and similar technologies to collect certain information for the following purposes.

  1. Analysis of customer use status on the Company’s website.
  2. To supply more customized services and advertisements to individual customers.

This Cookie Policy explains cookies and similar technologies for these purposes of use, and then provides a detailed explanation of the purposes of use and how to refuse (opt-out) cookies and similar technologies.

About the use of cookies

The Company’s website uses cookies in order to improve services and provide more suitable services to customers.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a function that stores information about your visit to our website in your computer (or other Internet connection device such as a smart phone or tablet). Cookies enable us to obtain information such as the number of times your computer has visited our website and the pages you have visited. The information we collect through cookies does not include any “information that can be used to identify individual customers”. You can also disable the function of cookies by setting your browser. There is no problem in using our website even if the cookie function is disabled.

Purpose of use

1. Grasping the usage status and considering service improvement

Cookies are used to understand the usage status of the services provided by the Company’s website in order to improve the services and to provide services that are more suitable to the interests and needs of customers. The following tools are mainly used to understand the usage of our website. The information collected, recorded, and analyzed by each tool provider does not contain any information that identifies specific individuals. Also, such information will be managed based on the privacy policy of each tool provider. You can stop the use of cookies by deactivating them yourself via the opt-out page of each tool provider or the settings of the browser you use.

Google Analytics
Tool provider:Google Inc.
Terms of Use:>Google Analytics Terms of Use
Privacy Policy:>Google Privacy Policy
Disable setting:>Google Analytics Opt-out add-on

2.Advertising delivery using cookies

We utilize the advertising services (display advertising/remarketing/retargeting functions) of Google, Yahoo! and other ad-serving companies to deliver notices (advertisements) when people who have visited our website in the past visit specific pages. At that time, cookies are used to obtain information on the history of visits to the Company’s Web site. When you do not wish to receive such notifications (advertisements), please go to the following page and disable the use of cookies. If you change your browser, delete cookies, or change to a new PC, you will need to reset your browser settings.

Google’s opt-out page
Yahoo’s opt-out page

3.How to reject cookies and similar technologies

(1) How to reject all cookies
Cookies on your device will remain on your device until you delete them yourself or until a certain expiration date passes. Most browsers automatically allow the acceptance of cookies by default, but you can disable cookies by changing your browser settings. However, please note that if cookies are disabled, some website functions may not be available or some pages may not be displayed correctly in relation to the use of cookies for service use.

For information on generally accepted browsers and how to change your cookie settings, please refer to the following links.
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
(2) How to reject specific cookies
The methods to stop the provision of information to the tools described in the previous section (2) are described in the links provided respectively below. However, please note that if you delete all of these cookies (3rd Party Cookie) information, you may be restricted in using the products and services provided by each company.

Google Inc.
Google’s Privacy Policy
Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on

Regarding the behavioral targeting advertisements described in the preceding article (3), the method of unsubscribing is provided in the URL of the advertisement distribution service provider described below. Please note, however, that if you delete all of these cookies information, you may be restricted in using the products and services provided by the companies. If you are a registered user of Facebook Japan Inc. among the following ad-serving companies, your website browsing history will be managed in a way that is connected to your registration information.

Google Joint Venture and Google Network
Google Privacy Policy
Blocking specific ads

For more information about personal information protection, please contact

Rubycon Corporation
1938-1 Nishi-minowa, Ina-shi, Nagano Prefecture Ina-shi, Nagano 3994593.
General Affairs Department TEL:+81-265-72-7111

This page is subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
Updated on October 1, 2021