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Notice of the 14th AUTOMOTIVE WORLD Exhibition

January 11, 2022


Dates : 19 – 21 January, 2022
Venue : Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Offcial Site : https://www.automotiveworld.jp/en-gb.html

Highlights of our exhibit

■Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitors “PMLCAP” used for Mars exploration and seismometer
PMLCAP is a capacitor made of High molecular layers using our proprietary technology and it has very close to ideal electrical characteristics.
So PMLCAP was adopted for the seismometer of Mars exploration. We are currently developing further high-voltage/modularization, so that we can realize a significant downsizing of film capacitors for automotive inverter.

■Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors (Hybrid type)
“PZ-CAP” is a new type of non-solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor. “PZ-CAP” is with higher withstand voltage than conventional capacitors. The lineup consists of eight hybrid types, including lead wire and surface mount types and 80Vdc high voltage products to each series.
The latest “PSV” series has achieved the industry’s highest ripple current and endurance ESR characteristics.

■Film capacitors
Rubycon has a wide range of film capacitors, from small general-purpose products to large film capacitors for automotive and industrial semiconductors, making it possible to propose solutions for a variety of devices and applications.
The “MPT” series, which can handle high temperatures of 125℃, has been added to the lineup and can be used in automotive equipment.

■Aluminum electrolytic capacitors “BHW” series
BHW series is a miniaturized product with up to 20% higher capacitance than the conventional product (BXW series) by adopting a newly developed high-magnification electrode foil.
The batteries installed in environmental performance vehicles are being increased in capacity to extend the cruising range, and OBCs are required to have higher output to shorten the charging time.
As a result, The demand for higher capacitance aluminum electrolytic capacitors for smoothing the power supply voltage is increasing, which led to the development of this series.