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Why Rubycon?

Technology Rubycon

Our products, which were developed with our in-house
developed materials and equipment as our core technology,
contribute to the miniaturization and cost reduction of not only
state of art fields but also all electronic circuits as products
with the originality required by our customers.

We consistently develops from equipment and materials to final product.

We develop and produce main materials and equipment by ourself.
We enable the development of orginal products that meet the needs of our customers.

Rubycon has knowledge and know-how as a capacitor professional manufacturer.

We are always comitted to the original performance our customers need.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a limited life.
Our capacitors have excellent long-term stability of performance.

125 ℃ DC load test (Hybrid type)

We solves problems together with our customers.

Our engineers make technical proposals from the customer’s point of view.

Market achievements

Our capacitors are used in various places from familiar places to space.