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Green Procurement

Management of green procurement and responsible mineral procurement

Based on the slogan “I will protect the Earth” in our procurement policy, we are conducting sustainable activities throughout the supply chain in terms of compliance with laws and regulations, CSR procurement, green procurement, and responsible procurement of conflict minerals, in order to provide products that are trusted and satisfactory to our customers and society.
For green procurement, we have clearly regulated our “List of Environmentally Hazardous Substances” for banned substances and dangerous/hazardous substances, and we are constantly updating and developing the requirements of green procurement standards for chemical substances including RoHS and REACH regulations from our customers, and reflecting the confirmation of non-use as our requirements.
At the time of material receiving, we have established a system for confirming high-precision analysis value data such as XRF analysis for RoHS regulated substances, and we have achieved thorough material traceability management by noting barcodes that distinguish all delivered materials.

Efforts to maintain the environment and CSR procurement through environmental awareness education and CSR education

In environmental awareness education, we have built a system to ensure that we do not use, add, mix, or contaminate prohibited or obsolete substances, and that we do not produce environmentally abnormal products through traceability management and tracking within 24 hours.
Regarding responsible mineral procurement, we declare our basic policy from the perspective of CSR that we will not procure minerals related to conflict or human rights through our supply chain.

List of environmentally hazardous substances