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Environmental Declaration

Environmental Declaration

It is our social responsibility to protect and maintain the global environment.
We believe our daily efforts to save energy and reduce factors that adversely affect the environment will lead to the future prosperity of customers and Rubycon. With this in mind, the first step was to establish an environmental management system and obtain ISO 14001 certification.

Rubycon’s efforts will be ongoing, introducing continuous improvements.

Principle of Environment

Under the motto of {“Protect the Earth” …It starts with me.} RUBYCON GROUP announces to carry out seamless efforts to maintain the coexistence of business with environment, aiming to harmonize the global business activities with preserving diverse ecosystems and the bountiful nature around us including the clear stream of rivers.

Environmental Policy

  1. Rubycon GROUP engages in energy conservation, resource savings, recycling and waste reduction according to the nature and size of the business activities by conducting environmental impact assessments associated with all relevant activities including designing, manufacturing and sales.
  2. Rubycon GROUP establishes, maintains and controls self-imposed standards in terms of Substances of Concern based on our technology level, in order to comply with environment related laws, regulations and other requirements (including requirements from customers).
  3. Rubycon GROUP ensures to prevent environmental pollutions and to preserve biodiversity by establishing own environment management system with maintenance and continuous improvement activities.
  4. Rubycon GROUP establishes a system to set up the environmental goal and review them periodically in order to practice the Environmental Policy, including continuous improvement.
  5. Rubycon GROUP conducts training and enlightenment activities in terms of environment in order to ensure all employees comprehend the Environmental Policy and intensify the awareness.
  6. Rubycon GROUP will disclose the Environmental Philosophy and Policy to any parties and individuals upon the requests.

January 6, 2021
Hiroaki Akahane
President and C.E.O