CSR Basic Policy

CSR Policy

Rubycon’s CSR System to accomplish corporate social responsibility is shown at the right. Decision-making is performed referring to the vision, the employees motto and the Global Compact, on the basis of the foundation spirit.
All of these support us to remain a reliable company to stakeholders such as customers, partners, stockholders, employees and the community, and to drive steady CSR activities.

CSR Policy

Fair Business Practices

We are compliant regarding relevant statutes, internal regulations, social norms and ethics, and excluding relations with antisocial forces, so as to promote business activities through fair and good competition and to secure safe and ease of customers in consideration of views and positions of ordinary citizens.


We comply with all laws and regulations related with our business (labor, environment, welfare, trade, industry, commerce, national tax, civil affairs, etc.) to ensure fair business and transactions.
On the basis of internal rules of Rubycon Main Office, we develop them to be applied to each Rubycon Group company and we improve them mutually with each business site and each Rubycon Group company.
We disclose Rubycon Group Code of Conduct in public which conforms to the former EICC(Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition), and thoroughly implement it to the employees of all Rubycon Group companies.
If any compliance violation is found, we shall seek accurate facts to determine the cause followed by strict action to prevent recurrence.

Whistleblower System

We have introduced Whistleblower System with the main purpose of early detection and prevention of legal and compliance violations. The system is designed to accept Whistleblowers’ reports from a wide range of the employees, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the organization, and to investigate and respond to all of those reports.
We have made the System known to all of the employees by displaying the posters of the System throughout Rubycon including all of the Group companies, and we make efforts to continuously create an environment where it is easier for whistleblowers to report by setting up a suggestion box and an E-mail account exclusively for the System.

Internal Audit

We have established Internal Audit Department under the direct control of the President in order to audit whether or not all of the activities of the Group companies are being conducted properly and efficiently in accordance with the laws and regulations as well as the Company Policy and the Internal Rules, and to identify risks of any violations in the business activities and provide advice on how to improve and/or correct the operations of the Company. Internal audits are being conducted in all departments including Group companies.

Risk Management

In addition to the risk reduction activities that have been ongoing for many years, the company is promoting the strengthening of internal systems and the review of relevant internal regulations in order to respond to customer requests for risk assessment in terms of codes of conduct and ethics.
In addition, as earthquakes and other disasters have been occurring frequently in recent years, the effectiveness of the disaster management rules is assessed through a BCP operation check, together with a review of the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) in preparation for unforeseen events.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Anti-Counterfeiting Measures)

In order to contribute to the sound development of our businesses, we promote appropriate acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights such as Patent Rights as well as Trademark Rights.
In addition, we actively work to enhance our brand value and protect the interests of our customers through such activities as Anti-Counterfeiting, and so forth. Furthermore, we focus on protecting the Intellectual Property Rights of other third parties in the same manner as our own, and take all possible measures to ensure that we shall never violate any of them.

Protection and Control of Information

Misuse of information important to corporate management will have significant impact on relations of trust with partners and their management. We have established security policy and privacy policy recognizing importance of information assets. We give the first priority in risk management and BCP to the policies. We are protecting and controlling information assets through education of employees and various security measures and activities.

Privacy Protection

We are deeply aware that the use and protection of Privacy Data is of Paramount Importance in our Corporate Activities. In addition to maintaining a management system that complies with Japanese personal information protection laws, we are taking various measures to meet the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which imposes strict rules on the transfer of personal information residing in the EU outside the EU.

CSR Promotion in Supply Chain

In order to provide customers with ease of use of products and to accomplish CSR in human rights, labor and environment for partners, we are addressing to CSR including labor environment of employees in our partners and ecology through our supply chain.

CSR Data

Global Compact

Global Compact Network Japan
Rubycon is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.